Unit two
1 你方 1994 年 9 月 2 日来函收到。我们很高兴告诉你,你所要的商品属于我公司 的经营范围。 Your letter of September 2, 1994 has been received. We are glad to inform you that the articles required by you fall within the scope of our business activities. 2 你地中国银行函告,你们是纺织品的进口商。我们专营纺织品出口业务,愿与贵 公司建立业务关系。 The Bank of China in your city has informed us that you are importers of textiles. We specialize in the export of textiles and are willing to enter into business relations with you. 3 遵照你方要求,我们正寄上一套布匹剪样。希望这些样品能及时到达,并使你满 意 In compliance with your request, we are sending you a range of cut samples of our cotton piece goods. We hope they will arrive in time and be found to your satisfaction. 4 你方 9 月 4 号来函收到。承告你们对肉类罐头有兴趣,并考虑试定。 We have received your letter of September 4 informing us that you find our canned meat satisfactory and that you consider placing a trial order with us. 5 按照你方要求,我们附上一套小册子(说明书)连同价格单,供考虑。若你对所 列商品感兴趣,请告具体需要。一俟收到询价,我们立即寄送报价单。 As requested, we enclose a range of pamphlets together with our price lists for your reference. If any of the items listed meets your interest, please inform us of your specific requirements. On receipt of you enquiry, we shall forward you quotations without delay. 6 贵国驻中国大使馆已把贵行作为中国罐头食品的买户介绍给我们。 我们专营这一 业务。希望在平等互利的基础上与你方建立业务关系 Your firm has been recommended to us by your Embassy in China as a buyer of Chinese canned goods. We wish to inform you that we specialize in this line and hope to enter into trade relations with you on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. 7 为了使你对我们经营的产品有一个概念, 兹附上一整套注有规格和包装的活页说 明书。 To give you a general idea of the products we handle, we enclose a complete set of leaflets showing specifications and means of packing. 8 货物在装运前将由上海商品检验局检验。所装货物的品质,数量将由该局提供必 要的证明。 Prior to shipment, our goods will be tested and inspected by the Shanghai Commodity Inspection Bureau, who will provide the necessary certificates in regard to the quality and quantity of the shipment.

Dear Sir, We learned from the Commercial Counsellor’s Office of Chinese Embassy in your country that you are a big buyer of table-cloth, we have been in this line for many years and we take liberty to write you , in the hope of entering into business relationship with you. Chinese table-clothes are well known in the world for their excellent quality, fine workmanship and attractive designs. They enjoy high popularity in European market. We trust that through our close cooperation, the business prospect is very good. In order to give you a general idea of our table-cloth, we send you herewith a latest catalog for your reference. We welcome your enquiries.

Unit three
1 我们将与之进行业务往来的那家商行要我们向贵行了解有关他们的商业地位与 信誉。 The firm with whom we intended to deal has referred us to you for particulars respecting their business standing and trustworthiness. 2 你若能对上述公司的财务状况和可靠性提出意见,我们当不胜感激。 We should be most grateful if you would furnish us with your opinion on the financial standing and trustworthiness of the above-mentioned company. 3 就我们所知,他们的财务状况良好。 As far as we know, their financial standing is sound. 4 你们所问讯的那家商号是我地区一家最可靠的进口商。 多年来在同行中享有良好 声誉。 The firm you inquire about is one of the most reliable importers in our district and has enjoyed a good reputation among the fellow traders for many years. 5 你地 XX 银行将给你提供有关我们的信誉和经营作风等方面的资料。 The ……Bank of your city will give you any information you may inquire concerning our credit standing as well as our manner of doing business. 6 对你提供的任何资料,我们都予以保密。 Any information you may be able to pass on to us will be treated as confidential(in confidence). 7 我们劝你方与该商行进行业务往来时务必谨慎。 We advice you to proceed with every possible caution in dealing with the firm in question. 8 该公司声誉好,资金储备雄厚。

They are a firm of good reputation and have large financial reserves. P38 QVII Dear Sirs We are so surprised that the firm mentioned in your enquiry of May 15 listed our firm as their reference. As far as we know, they are a firm of high reputation, but we have little knowledge of their financial status. Indeed, in the past two years, they have placed orders with us for many times, but the sums involved were smaller than that you mentioned in your letter. Even though the sums were small, they could hardly meet their commitments on time. We think that you should treat this matter with caution. Therefore we suggest that you’d better refer to a trust company for further enquiry. We highly appreciate your assurance to keep the information we provide you in absolute confidence.

Unit four
commodities of high quality at moderate prices 品质优良价格公道的商品 1 从纽约 A.B.C.公司获悉, 你公司出口尼龙床单和枕套。 对上述品质优良价格公道 的商品,本地区常有需求。 We learn from A.B.C. Co. of New York that you are exporting Nylon bed-sheets and pillow-cases. There is a steady demand here for the above-mentioned commodities of high quality at moderate prices. both excellent in quality and very reasonable in price 品质优良、价格合理 2 我们另邮寄样品一批,深信一旦你们有机会查看样品之后,定会承认该货品质优 良,价格合理。 Under separate cover, we are sending you a range of samples and when you have a chance to examine them, we feel confident that you will agree that the goods are both excellent in quality and very reasonable in price. 3 收到你公司 5 月 14 号询价,得悉你对我们手工制人造革手套感兴趣。现将你所 需的详细资料,具有插图的目录和价格单附寄给你。 We have received your enquiry of 14th May and learn of your interest in our handmade artificial leather gloves. We are enclosing our illustrated catalogue and price list giving the details you ask for. 4 所附价格单和图解目录将给你提供有关你方最感兴趣的型号的具体情况。 The enclosed price list and illustrated catalogue will give you details of the model in which you are especially interested.

Unit five

1 形式发票是为了手续起见而寄给国外客户的一种发票。 该发票通常是给客户申请 必要的进口许可证之用。 A proforma invoice is an invoice sent to buyers abroad for form’s sake. It is usually used to enable buyers to apply for a necessary import licence. 2 形式发票有时可作为正式报价单或价格单之用,其中所列价格,除非另有说明, 一般以卖方的最后确认为准。 Sometimes a proforma invoice serves as a formal quotation or a price list, and the prices mentioned therein are usually subject to the final confirmation of the sellers, unless otherwise stated. 3 兹附上我方第 3419 号形式发票一式两份 500 辆永久牌自行车,19XX 年 10 月交 货。我们想说明一下,该形式发票有效期至 19XX 年 9 月 1 日止。 Enclosed is our Proforma Invoice No.3419 in duplicate covering 500 Forever Brand Bicycles for shipment during October, 19…We wish to state that the proforma invoice is valid till September 1, 19… 4 按照你方要求,随函附上我方罐头水果形式发票一式四份,供你申请进口许可证 之用。 According to your request, a proforma invoice in quadruplicate for our Canned Fruit is enclosed for your applying for an import licence. 5 收到你方第 312 号形式发票, 谢谢。 我们正在申请许可证, 一俟获准, 当即函告。 Thank you for your proforma invoice No.312 。 We are now applying for the import licence. As soon as it is approved, we shall write to you. 6 信内附上 5 万码府绸第 1002 号形式发票一式两份。请注意,所报价格以你方于 19XX 年 10 月 30 日前接受为准,因其他客户对我方供应之货也有兴趣。 Attached to this letter is our Proforma Invoice No. 1002 in duplicate covering 50,000 yards poplin. We wish to draw your attention to the fact that the price quotated by us is subject to your acceptance before October 30, 19…, the reason being that many other buyers are also interested in our supplies. 7 为了你方申请必需的进口许可证,兹寄上形式发票第 234 号一式三份,其中价格 和交货期如有变动,我们将通知你方。 In order to enable you to apply for the necessary import licence, we are sending you proforma Invoice No.234 in triplicate. Please note that if there is any change in price or delivery, we shall keep you informed. P60 QIV Your letter of August 11 has been received. As regards our quotation for poplin shirts, we wish to state that we are prepared to allow you a special discout of 5% for this present order in consideration of our long business connection. However, it is to be understood that this concession should not be regarded as a precedent and that for

subsequent orders our original price of US $ 60 per dozen shall be applied. From the attached Proforma Invoice No.248, you will find that the price indicated therein is CIF Lagos, inclusive of 5% discount. Please apply promptly for the necessary import licence and keep us informed of the licensing position. Should we fail to hear from you facourably before September 15, we shall not be able to reserve the goods for you. We expect to receive your order soon.

Unit seven
1 我们确认已向你方电报下列商品实盘,以 9 月 20 日前复到有效。 We confirm having cabled you a firm offer for the following goods, subject to your reply reaching us by September 20. 2 获悉你地市场对核桃有很大需求,兹附上第 6868 号报价单供参考。 We have learnt that there is a good demand for walnuts in your market, and take this opportunity of enclosing our Quotation Sheet No.6868 for your consideration. 3 你方 6 月 3 日来电要求我们报第 33 号毯子。现确认我方于 6 月 6 日电报向你方 报盘如下,该盘不受约束。 In reply to your cable of 3rd June, which asked us to make an offer for our Blanket No.33, we wish to confirm our cable despatched on June 6 offering you without engagement the following: no possibility of business 无法成交 4 你方 7 月 9 日来函收悉,谢谢。很遗憾,你方价格偏高,无法成交。 Thank you for your letter of July 9, we find it very regrettable to point out that your prices appear to be on the high side and that there is no possibility of business. P119 QVI Dear Sirs We thank you for your enquiry of Oct. 15 and enclose a catalogue and a price list for bed-sheets. We are confident that these will give you all the details your required. Our cotton bed-sheets are popular in the world market, and they sell quite well in your neighboring districts. We are confident that there is a ready market in your area. We hope that you lose no time considering an order to start business with us. In order to have a close cooperation with you, we are ready to give you some discount for large quantities, say 20% discount for the quantity exceeding 100 pieces per item. Our payment terms are by L/C at sight. Time of delivery will be within 30 days after receipt of your L/C. We look forward to the pleasure of receiving an order from you.

Unit eight
1 我们另由航空寄上新品种的样品供你参考。该新品种价格公道,品质极好,我们 认为及早推销对你们有利。 Under separate cover, we have airmailed samples of our new articles for your reference. These new articles are moderate in price and excellent in quality. We think it will be to your advantage to push sales of them at an early date. 2 由于所需的品种目前无货供应,我们想推荐下列库存产品,可以即装,我们这一 推荐是照顾到双方利益的。 Since the required articles are not available, we would like to recommend the undermentioned products that are available from stock for prompt shipment. This recommendation is made in the interest of both parties. 3 你 11 月 15 日来信收到,谢谢。货号 2112 电扇 我们歉难推销,因为你方价格太 高,买方无意还盘。 While thanking you for your letter of Nov. 15 concerning electric fan Art.2112, we regret being unable to promote sales as your price is too high to interest buyers to make a counter-offer. 4 关于申请参加广州交易会一事,我们正与有关当局联系。一旦申请获准,当即通 知你方。 With regard to your application for attending the Guangzhou Fair, we are contacting the relevant authorities and shall inform you as soon as the application is approved. 5 为了支持你们推销,我们特地准备了一些府绸样品连同价格单随函附上,供你参 考。我们的府绸品质优良,价格公道,深受大多数欧洲国家欢迎,销售很快。我们 认为我们的府绸在你市场销售是有利的。 With a view to supporting your sales, we have specially prepared some samples of our poplin together with a price list, which are enclosed for your consideration. Owing to its superior quality and reasonable price, our poplin has met with a warm reception and quick sale in most European countries. We think it is to your advantage to buy this item for sale in your market. P130 QIV Dear Sirs We thank you for your letter of June 18 and have pleasure to inform you that the catalogue you asked for has been airmailed under separate cover. With ragard to the safes you enquired for, we think No.4 as stated in our catalogue is most suitable for your requirement. Its exact size is 30”X24”X24” in outside measurement, and 26”X20”X20” in inside measurement.Its price, including all fittings but excluding stand, is £20 CIF5% Alexandria. If stands are required, an extra charge of £3 for each is to be added. The usual commission we allow is 3%, but in your case, it has been specially raised to 5% so as to cover the adverstising expenses you

may incur in sales promotion. From the above quotation, you will no doubt notice that our price is lower than that of other manufacturers. As to the quality of our safes, we can assure you that we always maintain the highest standard. Practical tests, which our safes have undergone in some conflagrations abroad, are sufficient evidence of their superiority. We can safely claim that documents and valuables once locked up in them are absolutely secure against theft and fire. With these outstanding features coupled with your efforts, the sales of our safe will undoubtedly be a success in your market. If you are in need of any office appliances other than safes, please contact us and we shall at all times be pleased to cooperate with you.

Unit nine
P147 QIV 1 你公司 19XX 年 9 月 20 日来函内附一千台缝纫机订单一纸已收到。 兹附寄第 346 号销售确认书一式二份,请签回一份以便存档。 We have received your letter of September 20, 19… together with an order for 1,000 Sewing Machines. Enclose is our Sales Confirmation No.346 in duplicate, one copy of which please sign and return to us for our file. 2 我已接受你方 85 号订单订购货号 1002 号印花布十万码。 请告颜色搭配并按合同 规定的条款开立以我方为抬头的有关信用证。 Your Order No. 85 for 100,000 yards of Cotton Prints Art. No. 1002 has been booked. Please let us know the colour assortment at once and open the covering L/C in our favour according to the terms contracted. 3 我们得悉上述货物的有关信用证即将开出。请放心,一收到你方信用证,我方将 尽早安排第一艘可以订得舱位的轮船装运。 We learn that an L/C covering the above-mentioned goods will be established immediately. You may rest assured that we will arrange for despatch by the first available steamer with the least possible delay upon receipt of your L/C. 4 请你方注意,信用证的条款必须与我方售货确认书的条款完全相符,以免日后修 改。 Please note that the stipulations in the relevant credit should fully conform with the terms as stated in our S/C in order to avoid subsequent amendments. P147 QIV Dear Sirs We thank you for your order of September 10 for brown serge, but regret being unable to entertain it because since we offered you on August 15, the price has risen considerably. We ourselves even could hardly replenish our stock at the price quoted you previously. It is hoped that you will understand the position we are facing.

May we inform you that the ruling price for the article on your order is now at US$1.05 per yard FOB Shanghai. However, in order to finalize this first transaction between us, we are prepared to allow you a 2% discount on the above rate. We sincerely recommend you to accept our proposal as our stocks are getting lower day by day, and we are afraid we shall be unable to meet your requirements if you fail to let us have your confirmation be return.

Unit ten
P163 QV 1 请注意,付款是以保兑的、不可撤销的、允许分装和转船、见票即付的信用证支 付。 Please note that payment is to be made by confirmed, irrevocable L/C allowing partial shipment(s) and transhipment, available by draft at sight. 2 我们的付款方式,一般是以保兑的,不可撤销的,以我公司为收益人的,按发票 金额见票即付的信用证支付。该信用证应通过我们认可的银行开出。 Our usual mode of payment is by confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit, available by draft at sight for the full amount of the invoice value to be established in our favour through a bank acceptable to us. 3 我们通常的做法是凭即期付款交单而不用信用证。因此,我们希望你对这笔交易 和今后交易也接受付款交单方式。 It has been our usual practice to do business with payment by D/P at sight instead of by L/C. We should, therefore, like you to accept D/P terms for this transaction and future ones. 4 对你方 1156 号订单,我们可以接受你们所提的用远期汇票支付的建议。货物装 出后,我们将向你方开出 60 天期的汇票,请到期即付。 Your proposal for payment by time for order No.1156 is acceptable to us, and we shall draw on you at 60 days’ sight after the goods have been shipped. Please honour our draft when it falls due. 5 为了你方在你市场推销我方产品铺平道路,我方将接受即期付款交单方式付款, 以示特别照顾. In order to pave the way for your pushing the sale of our products in your market, we will accept the payment by D/P at sight as a special accommodation. 6 你方以付款交单方式付款的要求,我方已予考虑。鉴于这笔交易金额甚微,我们 准备以此方式办理装运。 Your request for payment by D/P has been taken into consideration. In view of the samll amout of this transation, we are prepared to effect shipment on this (D/P) basis.

P174 QIV 1 第 268 号合约项下的 800 辆自行车备妥待运已久, 但至今我们尚未收到你们的有 关信用证。请速开来,以便装运。 The 800 bicycles under Contract 268 have been ready for shipment for quite some time, but we have not yet received your covering L/C to date. Please open the L/C as soon as possible so that we may effect shipment. 2 如你方信用证在月底前到达我处,我们将尽最大努力在下月初安排你们所定的 货。 If your L/C reaches us by the end of this month, we will exert our utmost efforts to arrange shipment of your ordered goods at the beginning of next month. 3 由于你方没有及时开立有关第 1033 号售货证明书的信用证,我们不得不撤销这 份确认书,并要你方负担由此产生的一切损失。 As you have failed to establish in time the L/C covering our sales confirmation No. 1033, we have to rescind(recall) this sales confirmation and hold you responsible for all the losses arising therefrom. 4 你方可能记得,按照我方第 321 号售货确认书规定,有关信用证应不迟于 11 月 15 日到达我处。因此,希望你方及时开证,以免耽误装运。 You may recall that according to the stipulations of our S/C No. 321, the relevant L/C should reach us not later than Nov. 15. We, therefore, hope that you will open it in time so as to avoid any delay in effecting shipment. 5 我们想指出,我方第 112 号售货确认书(你方第 4831 号订单)项下的货物备妥 待运已久,我们一直在等候你方的信用证,可是很遗憾,我们既没有收到该信用证 也没有从你处听到有关这方面的任何消息。请见信后即告你方在开立信用证上究竟 有何困难。 We wish to point out that the goods under our S/C No. 112(your Order No.4831) have been ready for shipment for a long time. We have been waiting for the arrival of your L/C but regretfully no L/C has been received by us nor have we heard anything from you in this respect. Please let us know upon receipts of this letter whether you have any difficulties in opening the L/C. P184 QV 1 你方 4567 号信用证条款中,我们发现有下列两点与合同条款不符: (1)……; (2)…… 货已备妥 待运,请即电报修改你方信用证。 Among the clauses specified in your Credit No.4567, we find that the following two points do not conform to the contract stipulations: (1)……;(2)…… As the goods are now ready for shipment, you are requested to amend the L/C by cable as soon as possible.

2 现通知, 你方通过利物浦麦加利银行开出的有关我方第 187 号售货确认书的信用 证第 H-15 号刚刚收到。 经审阅其中条款,我们遗憾地发现某些地方与合同规定的 条款不符,其不符之处如下: 1)佣金应是 3%,不是 6% 2)货物应于 10 月 11 月之间装运,不是 10 月 30 日或 30 日之前装运 3)货物按发票价值的 110%投保保险,不是 150%。 We are pleased to inform you that L/C No. H-15 issued by the Chartered Bank of Liverpool for our S/C No. 187 has just been received. However , on examining the clauses contained therein, we regretfully find that certain points are not in conformity with the terms stipulated in the contract. The discrepancies are as follows: 1) Commission is 3%, not 6%. 2) Shipment is to be made during Oct./Nov. instead of “on or before 30th October”. 3) Goods should be insured for 110% of the invoice value, not 150% 3 请把你方 4761 号信用证的装船期和有效期分别展至 19XX 年 11 月 30 日和 12 月 15 日,并注意修改通知书要在 19XX 年 10 月 30 日前到达我处,否则我方绝不可能 在 11 月份装运。 Please extend the shipment date and the validity of your L/C No.4761 to November 30 and December 15, 19… respectively and see to it that the amendment advice reaches us by October 30,19…, failing which it will be absolutely impossible for us to ship the goods in November. 4 十分遗憾,我们不能按你方要求把我方第 145 号信用证展期。因为目前进口规章 不允许延长进口许可证的有效期。我们要指出,这不是我们不愿与你方合作,而是 没有能力满足你方展期的要求。在此情况下,我们别无它法,只得请你方按合同规 定装运。 Much to our regret, we are unable to comply with your request for an extension to our L/C No.145, the reason being that the present import regulations do not permit any extension of import licence. We wish to point out (that) it is not that we are unwilling to cooperate with you but it is beyond our ability to meet your request fot an extension. In the circumstances, we can do nothing but ask you to be so kind as to ship the goods as contracted. 5 我方第 135 号合约内明确规定该笔交易的佣金为 3%。但发现你方第 557 号信用 证要求佣金 5%,这显然与合约条款不符。为此,请通知你方银行把信用证改为佣金 3%,不胜感激。 The commission allowed for this transaction is 3% as clearly stipulated in our Contract No.135, but we find that your L/C No.557 demands a commission of 5%. This is obviously not in line with the contract stipulations. We shall therefore be grateful if you will instruct your bankers to amend the L/C to read “commission 3%”. 6 收到你方 789 号信用证,谢谢。 经核对条款,我们遗憾地发现你方信用证要求 19XX 年 10 月装运,但我方合约规定 11 月份装运。因此,务请把装运期和议付期

分别展至 19XX 年 11 月 30 日和 12 月 15 日。 请即办理展证事宜,并尽早电复。 We thank you for your L/C No.789, but on checking its clauses we find with regret that your L/C calls for shipment in October,19…, whereas our contract stipulate for November shipment. Therefore, it is imperative for your to extend the shipment date to November 30, and negotiation date to December 15,19… respectively. Please act promptly and let us have your cable reply the soonest possible.

Unit eleven
P198 QIV 1 纸板箱作为一种包装容器已在国际贸易中广泛使用,因此,对它们的适航性,你 们不必担心。 Cartons as a kind of packing container have been extensively used in international trade. Therefore, you need not worry about their seaworthiness. 2 据我们所知,保险公司接受投保纸板箱装的货物的偷窃、提货不着险。 万一发 生偷窃,你们可以放心,保险公司将会给予赔偿。 So far as we know, insurance companies accept goods packed in cartons to be insured against TPND. In case of theft and pilferage , you may be assured that you will get indemnification from the insurance company concerned. 3 纸板箱装的货物被窃的痕迹比装木箱的易于察觉, 这将有助于你们从保险公司那 里得到赔偿。 The traces of pilferage are easier to be found out for the goods packed in cartons than in wooden cases. Therefore, they will help you to get compensation from the insurance company. 4 我们男衬衫的包装为每件套一塑料袋,5 打装一纸箱。内衬防潮纸,外打铁箍两 道。 The packing of our Men’s Shirts is each in a polybag, 5 dozen to a carton lined with waterproof paper and bound with two iron straps outside. 5 运到我们口岸的货物必须在汉堡转船,因此你们的包装必须具有适航性,并能经 得起运输途中的粗鲁搬运。 It is necessay to make transhipment at Hamburg for goods to be shipped to our port. Therefore, your packing must be seaworthy and can stand rough handling during transit. 6 你们的人参酒质量很好, 但包装较差, 瓶子易碎, 纸盒太薄, 对我们今后的订货, 请每瓶套一只泡沫塑料套,并装在较厚的纸盒内,否则,我们只能放弃这项业务。 The quality of your Ginseng Wine is fine, but its packing is rather poor. Bottles are subjected to breakage and paper boxes is very thin. Please put each bottle in a foam plastic casing and then in a thicker paper box for our future orders, otherwise, we shall be compelled to give up this business.

P200 QIV Dear Sirs In reply to your letter of the 31st August inquring about the packing of our Trip Scissors, we wish to state as follows: Our export Trip Scissors are packed in boxes of one dozen each, 100 boxes to a carton. The dimensions are 17cm high, 30cm wide and 50cm long with a volume of about 0.026 cubic meter. The gross weight is 23.5kg. While the net weight is 22.5kg. As to the shipping marks outside the carton, in addition to the gross, net weights and tare, the wording “MADE IN THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA”is also stencilled on the package. Should you have any special preference in this respect, please let us know and we will meet you to the best of our ability. Taking this opportunity, we would like to inform you that we used to pack our scissors in wooden cases but after several trial shipments in carton packing, we found our cartons just as seaworthy as wooden cases. Besides, cartons are less expensive, lighter to carry and cost lower freight. So, nowadays more and more clients are proferring to carry and cost lower freight. So, nowadays more and more clients are preferring carton packing to wooden case packing. We trust that you will agree to our opinion and accept our carton packing. We thank you in advance for your early reply.

Unit twelve
P214 QIII 1 请注意上述货物须在 6 月 15 日前装运,并按发票金额 150%投保综合险。我们知 道按一般惯例,你们只按发票金额 110%投保,因此额外保险费将由我们负担。 Please see to it that the obove-mentioned goods are to be shipped before 15th June and insured against All Risks for 150% of the invoice value. We know that according to your usual practice, you insure the goods only for 110% of the invoice value, therefore, the extra premium will be borne by us. 2 有关保险的索赔案件应尽快提交保险公司或其代理商以便他们有足够时间去向 造成过错的有关方面进行追偿。 An insurance claim should be submitted to the insurance company or its agent as promptly as possible so as to provide the insurance company or its agent with ample time to pursue recovery from the relative party at fault. 3 我们遗憾的通知你们,发票所列第 8 箱,内装 10 台打印机,在货到达时,其中 8 台严重受损。现附上上海商品检验局所签发的检验证明和船公司代理的报告书, 想必你方在解决我们上述 3,000 美元的索赔方面,不会有困难。 We regret to inform you that Case No.8 was invoiced as containing 10 type writters, eight of which badly damaged upon arrival. We enclose an inspection certificate issued by the

Shanghai Commodity Inspection Bureau and the shipping agent’s statement and hope that no difficulty will arise in the settlement of our above claim amounting to US$3,000.00. 4 在没有得到你方明确的保险要求情况下, 我们按惯例把你所订购之货按发票金额 110%投保了水渍险。 In the absence of your definite instructions regarding insurance, we covered your ordered goods against W.P.A. for 110% of the invoice value according to our usual practice. 5 如你方希望将货物投保综合险。我们可以代为投保,但保费稍高,保费差额由你 方负担。 If you desire to cover your goods against All Risks, we can provide such coverage, but at a slightly higher premium, the difference of which will be for your account. 6 如果货物发生损坏,你方可在货到达目的港 30 天内凭公证行的检验报告与你处 保险代理行联系并向他们提出索赔。 Should any damage be incurred, you may, within 30 days after the arrival of the consignment at the port of destination, approach the insurance agents at your end and file your claim with them supported by a survey report. 7 如货物在到达目的港后需立即转运至内陆城市或其他港口, 我们可以代你方投保 内陆险,额外保费将记在你方账上。 If the goods, after arrival at the port of destination, are to be transported immediately to an inland city or other port, we may cover the inland insurance on your behalf and debit you with the additional premium. P214 QV Regarding credit and reputation as its life and excellent service as its philosophy, the People’s Insurance Company of China has branches and business networks all over the world. By using modern management technology and means, the company provides the domestic and foreign customers with various services in connection with insurance, so as to ensure social production conducted smoothly. The People’s Insurance Company of China plays more important roles in the process of insurance system reform and enabling itself to more effectively provide proper service for our country’s economic development.

Unit thirteen
P231 QIII 1 按 318 号合同条款,货物应于 1 月 20 日前装运。我们最迟需在 1 月 31 日前拿到 提单,相信你方会按期发运货物,因为任何贻误势必给我们造成很大不便和经济损 失。 According to the terms of Contract No.318, shipment is to be effected by the 20th Jan., and we must have the B/L by the 31st at the latest. We trust you will ship the order within the stipulated time as any delay would cause us no little inconvenience and financial loss.

2 我们遗憾不能按你方要求于 12 月初装运此货,因为驶往伦敦港的直达船仅在每 月 20 日左右抵达我港。sail for 乘船往..., (船)开往 call at 停靠 We regret our inability to comply with your request for shipping the goods in early December, because the direct steamer sailing for London calls at our Port only around the 20th every month.. 3 兹通知 1234 号定单名下之货已于 11 月 30 日装直达船“红星”轮, 有关货样已于 该轮启程前航空寄给你方 。 We are pleased to inform you that the goods under your Order No.1234 were shipped by the direct steamer “Red Star ” on Nov.30, and the relevant shipping samples had been dispatched to you by air before the steamer sailed. 4 直到现在我们还没收到有关我方 465 号订单即你方 8269 号合同的交货消息。毫 无疑问, 一定是由于某种原因耽误了装运。 我们已电告你方, 信用证已展至 11 月底, 相信不日就能听到你方有关此事的消息。 Up to now, we have not heard anything from you about the shipment of your Contract No.8269 against our Order No.456. No doubt there must have been some reason for the delay in shipment and we cabled you that we were extending the L/C to the end of Nov.……We feel sure we shall soon be hearing from you about this business. 5 我们迄今犹未得到有关你订货的装运要求。我们只得取消已定的舱位。 Having received no instructions from you regarding the shipment of your order, we have now been compelled to cancel the shipping space already booked. 6 你们似乎对交货期不太重视。事实上,货物按信用证规定装运是非常重要的。你 若不那样做,那么对因迟延交货而造成的损失你们必须负责。 It seems that you paid little regard to the date of shipment. In fact, it is very important that the goods be shipped according to the time as stipulated in the L/C. If not, you should be responsible for any loss arising from the delay in shipment. 7 关于你方第 80 号定单项下的 500 架缝纫机,我们已于 11 月 30 日装“东风”轮运 出。 相信该货物不久即可抵达你处。 请把你方用户对我缝纫机质量的反映告诉我们。 With regard to your Order No. 80 for 500 Sewing Machines, we shipped the goods by s.s. “East Wind” on 30th Nov. We trust that this shipment will arrive at your end shortly. Please let us have the comments of your end-users on the quality of our Sewing Machines. 8 我们绝大多数客户认为我们的纸板箱是适合海洋运输的。 Most of our clients regard our cartons as being strong enough to withstand ocean transportation.

P231 QIV Dear Sirs:

We have received your letter of June 17th. With regard to our Purchase Contract No.80616 for 3,000 sets of Double Offset Ring Spanners, we write to inform you as follows: According to the contract stipulations, the above-mentioned goods should be shipped in three lots in April, June and August, but up to the present moment even the first lot has not been shipped. Our end-users are waiting for the goods and they are very much surprised that you should have been much behind with the delivery. Please do your utmost to ship the first and second lots together by the end of June; Otherwise our clients would feel dissatisfied with your delay (in shipment) and would probably have to cancel the order by covering their requirements elsewhere. Upon receipt of this letter please let us know the exact date of shipment.

Unit fourteen
P250 QIV 1 我们对你提出作为我们坯布独家代理一事,深表感谢。鉴于彼此尚不熟悉,我们 认为达成一些实际交易之后再来考虑此事较为妥当。 We appreciate your proposal to act as our sole agent for the sale of our Grey Cotton Piece Goods. As we are not well acquainted with each other, we think it advisable to take the matter into consideration later when some practical transaction have been concluded. 2 待你们的交易成绩足以表明可以委托你方为独家代理时,我们将考虑此事。 We shall be glad to consider appointing you as our sole agent at the time when your sales records justify our doing so. 3 希望你方在了解了我们的销售能力以后,会考虑给我们手提盒式录音机的独家 经销权。 We hope that, after knowing our sales ability, you will consider according us the exclusive selling right for your portable cassette recorders. 4 要是我们知道你方的推销计划以及你处市场的每年销售量, 这将对我们有很大帮 助。 It would help us considerably to if we know your plan for promoting sales and the annual turnover you may realize in your market. 5 经考虑你方的提议以及调查你们的业务情况以后, 我们决定以下列条款为准委托 你在你方提议的地区内作为我们的代理。 After paying due consideration to your proposals and investigating your business standing, we have decided to appoint you our agent in the district you defined, subject to the following terms and conditions. 6 一旦达成协议,你必须保证每月订购一定的数量,这样我们才能确保经常供应。 In case we come to an agreement, it would be necessary for you to commit yourself to

place orders for a certain quantity every month. In this way we shall be able to ensure regular supply. 7 由于订货甚多,我们目前不能接受新订单。 Owing to heavy commitments, we cannot accept fresh orders at present.

Unit fifteen
P265 QII 1 关于 7 月 8 日所定拖拉机迟交一事,很遗憾,我们不得不抱怨。虽然,你们保证 在 9 月中交货,但直到本周我们才收到订货,你方知道我们是在你方保证的基础上 才向你方订购的。 We regret to have to complain about the late delivery of the tractors ordered on 8th July. We did not receive them until this week though you guaranteed September delivery. As you know, it was on the basis of this guarantee that we placed the order with you. 2 由于你方提出的异议与我们试验的结果不一致,因此要求你方做另一次检查,以 便证明是否有理由提出索赔。 As your complaint does not agree with the result of our own test, you are requested to conduct another examination to show if there is any ground for claim. 3 继续延误解决这一索赔案件定当严重影响你方信誉,因此,你方必须立即改正错 误。 Any further delay in settling this claim will certainly reflect seriously on your credit, therefore, you must adjust these errors immediately. 4 由于厂方有许多积累的订货需要赶制,我们目前歉难增加供应。 We regret being unable to increase our supply for the moment as our manufacturers have many back orders to catch up with. Dear Sirs We learn from your letter of September 20 that one case of our shipment under your Order No.43 arrived in a badly damaged condition. As the goods were packed in new strong wooden cases suitable for long distance ocean transportation, we can only conclude that the case has been stored and handled carelessly. On receipt of your letter under reply we immediately appointed a surveyor at your end to inspect the damaged case with one of your staff members on the spot where the case was lying. On october 3 came the surveyor’s report stating that to all appearance the case in question had been either left out in heavy shower of rain, or else dropped into some water, and your staff member being impartial and firiendly, on seeing the condition, admitted that it was the case. We then instructed our forwarding department to further investigate the matter. The carrier has been communicated with, and informs us that the whole shipment arrived in good condition. They can be certain that the damage occurred during the time the goods

were in your hands. In such circumstances, we regret having to say that we are not liable for the damage. As we know, that case contains some important spare parts of our knitting machines, without which the machines will not work, we shall therefore be pleased to put in hand a repeat of the supply of the spare at the prices invoiced if you think it necessay, and we shall do our best to deliver them to you witnin a fortnight. We await your reply.