Chapter Four

Conclude a business

Lesson 20 1. translate the following into English 1) The recent exchange of cables between us has resulted in a transaction of 50 cases of Bristles. 2) We are pleased to inform you that our end-users have decided to order the following goods at your price. 3) Please write to us in reply accepting our offer and confirm the above mentioned terms. 4) Please note that the L/C clauses should be in strict accordance with the stipulations of our S/C so as to avoid the trouble of subsequent cable amendments. 5) In reply to your letter of 23rd October, we regret we are unable to accept your price of the machine but if you can see your way to reduce your price by 5%, we believe there will be a possibility of business. 6) After long and friendly discussion we have now concluded a transaction of 50,000 pieces of Bed Sheets. 7) Enclosed please find our Sales Confirmation No. HN768 in duplicate. If you find everything in order, please sign and return one copy for our files. 8) It is our belief that the current small business will lead to a series of larger dealing in the near future. 9) We have received your letter of September 20, 19… together with an order for 1,000 Sewing Machines. 10) You may rest assured that we will arrange for despatch by the first available steamer with the least possible delay upon receipt of your L/C. 2. write a letter Dear Sirs, We refer to your letter of March 20 offering us “Gold Deer” Bicycles. As we find your price quite agreeable, we are prepared to place a trial order for 100 units to start with. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that our future business depends much upon the result of the first shipment. So this trial order of ours should be dealt with most carefully. We are awaiting your confirmation by cable and will open the necessary L/C upon receipt of your favorable reply. We look forward to your further cooperation in promoting this line. Yours Truly

Lesson 21 3. translate the following into English 1) We have the pleasure of confirming our purchase from you of 300 tons of Steel Plates. (OR: we are pleased to confirm having purchased 300 tons of Steel Plates from you.) 2) As regards quality, we need your guarantee that the goods were produced in 19.. 3) The goods are to be delivered in three equal monthly installments/shipments of 100 tons, commencing from October. 4) We trust this initial business will lead to further development of trade between us. 5) We will open an irrevocable L/C available by sight draft in your favor within this week. 6) We have duly received your irrevocable L/C and believe that shipment can be arranged within next week. 7) We have today established with the Bank of China, London an L/C in your favor for the amount of Stg. £50,000. 8) If you can sell large quantities of Men’s Leather Shoes in your place, please let us know by cable. 9) We find it necessary to stress the importance of making punctual shipment within the validity of the L/C. 10) They claimed having bought the same article elsewhere at a lower price.

Lesson 22 4. translate the following into English 1) The price quoted for Sheepwool Type 193 and Type 245 being found workable, we have cabled you our acceptance. 2) As to the other types, we could see no prospect of business unless you reduce your price by about 2%. 3) We regret to say that since your price is rather on the high scale, we are unable to accept your offer. 4) It is impossible for us to reduce our price to the level indicated by you. 5) Our price is quite reasonable ad has been accepted by other buyers at your end. 6) We are sorry that we cannot accept your counter offer, as the price quoted by us is quite realistic. 7) We have concluded substantial business at our price with other buyers at your end. 8) We enclose our Sales Contract in duplicate. Please sign and return to us one copy and also advise us of your shipping instructions so as to enable us to act accordingly. 9) We are pleased to learn from your letter of October 1 that your customer is prepared to place with us on our terms a trial order of 100 sets. 10) We cables our confirmation of your order yesterday and hope that you will open the relsative L/C ASAP. 5. translate the following into Chinese 1) 我们遗憾的注意到你方不得不关闭了你们的一个分公司。我们相信这只是个暂时的挫折。 2) 你们向我方提供的任何信息,我们都会绝对保密。 3) 如能立即执行这一订单,我们将不胜感激。 4) 感谢你方寄来的小册子(印刷品)向我们展示了你方目前生产的各种地毯。 5) 我们的厂家今后的几个月承约量已经很大。 6) 我们将尽力提前装船,但不能做出承诺。 7) 你方信用证第 444 号项下的货物早已备妥,但还没有收到有关信用证的修改书。 8) 我们的业务已经扩大到化工产品的经营。 9) 我们例外地把佣金提高到 5%,以便使你方能够支付推销中可能产生的广告支出。 10) 我们必须指出,我们 12 月 10 日的信中已经完全讲清了这件事情。

Lesson 23 1. complete the following sentences 1) We are glad to say that in the past ten years we have purchased from you 50,000 tons of groundnuts. 2) Enclosed please find a copy of the contract duly signed by us. 3) If we could meet each other half way, we have confidence in putting the deal through. 4) We hope you will do your best to bridge over the price gap. 5) Most of our customers are of the opinion that the difference in price is so big that no business is possible at present. 6) In reply to your letter of March 10, we wish to inform you that we have opened L/C o. 13570 through the Bank of China, Paris. 7) If your L/C reached us in time, we shall be able to catch S.S “SHANGHAI”. 8) We hope you will see your way to supply us with another 50 tons of similar goods in the second half of this year. 2. translate the following sentences into English 1) Regarding our requirements for the next quarter, we hope you will see your way to make us offers. For your reference, we are prepared to take in 20,000 dozens. 2) We have received your Sales Contract No. 102 covering 30,000 doz. Slippers ordered by us. 3) We enclose Sales Contract o.1050 in duplicate. Please sign and return one copy to us for our file.

4) Thanks to our joint efforts we have concluded the deal, which we hope will mark the beginning of mutually beneficial business relations between us. 5) We opened Letter of Credit o. 1758 through the Bank of China, Tokyo, on the 15th… 6) We enclose a copy of Contract No. 1454 duly signed by us. Please have the goods shipped as early as possible 7) Please cable us the earliest possible date of shipment so as to enable us to open the L/C in time with the Bank of China.\ 8) If you can reduce your price by 2%, we are prepared to order another 50 tons. 3. write a letter Dear Sirs, Thank you for your letter of March 1 enclosing S/C No. 1245 in duplicate of which we have duly countersigned and are returning one copy for your file. In the meantime we have established the necessary L/C in your favour. If this first shipment of 50 tons should prove satisfactory, we would most likely send you a repeat order for another 50 tons. We thank you again for your good cooperation. Yours faithfully

Lesson 24 3. translate the following sentences into English. 1) We have received your Sales Contract No. 4848 covering 500 Sewing Machines ordered by us. 2) We enclose a copy of your Sales Contract duly countersigned by us. 3) As your price is much too high and entirely out of line with the market, we regret our inability to accept it. 4) We have duly received your irrevocable credit and trust the goods can be shipped soon next week. 5) If you could make a price reduction of, say, 3%, we would be prepared to place an additional order for 500 “Butterfly” Sewing Machines. 6) If you can offer 1st Grade Walnutmeat, we are prepared to purchase 50 metric tons for prompt shipment. 7) We are glad to confirm having purchased from you 50 metric tons of Walnutmeat to be delivered in Oct/Nov. 8) We are anxiously awaiting your L/C, on receipet of which we will arrange shipment without delay.

Lesson 25 2. translate the following sentences into English. 1) We enclose a trial order. If the quality is up to our expectation, we shall send you further orders in the near future. Your prompt attention to this order will be appreciated. 2) If this first order is satisfactory executed, we shall place further orders with you. 3) We enclose our order, but must point out that the falling market here will leave us little or no margin of profit. We must ask you for a better price in respect of future supplies. 4) While appreciating your order, we have to explain that supplies of raw materials are becoming difficult to obtain and we have no alternative but to decline your order. 5) We have now decided to make a purchase from you of 5,000 metric tons of copper concentrates on the basis of your offer and concrete terms sent by you on April 30. We expect the material to be delivered before July 31. 6) We are giving careful consideration to the contents of the draft contract and expect to inform you of our decision in a few days. In the meantime, please indicate if direct sailings to our port are always available.