(一)British Milkman Steve Leech saved some shops and flats(公寓)with milk and
won a National Bravery Award(国家勇敢奖). Leech, 35 years old, said that when he was sending out milk as u___1 along Pine Street, he s___2 heard a loud strange sound behind him and then he saw smoke coming out of a shop in Comwall, Southern England, “That must be a fire, I t___3”, Leech said, “Then I quickly d___4 to do something, So I p___5 the door in and then I s___6 for the people inside. Then I started pouring milk e___7. He used 320 pints of milk to stop the fire, when firefighters r___8 the shop, the fire was under control(控制). Leech helped save the l___9 of eight people in the flats above the shops, “It was hard work o___10 all those bottles. But was even harder trying to tell my boss where all the milk had gone” Leech said jokingly. 答案 usual suddenly thought decided pushed shouted everywhere reached lives opening

(二)Jim Burden was back at the office after a two-week holiday aboard, “Did you
have a nice holiday?” asked his friend, Dick. “A nice holiday? I make a big m___1 this time, I should have stayed at home .” said Jim. “What h___2 then?” asked Dick. “Well, it was one of the w___3 holidays I ever had, The h___4 I stayed at was a busy road and could hardly sleep for the n___5, The food they gave us made us ill and the d___6 were expensive. The places we visited were f___7 of tourists and we were l___8 in the sunshine for quite a few hours. But tell me, how did things go with you? “Maybe I was l___9 than you. I had no trouble at all.” Was the answer. “I had b___10 to do so I stayed at home.” 答案 mistake happened worst hotel noise drinks full left luckier business

(三)Can a boy have a MAMA and not a MOTHER? Tex Clark did. He didn’t have a r___1
home. His father and mother were dead, He had to work from an early a___2. Then one day a circus(马戏团)found him and let him j___3 it. He was luckier than many children without p___4. The only place for him to sleep was an elephant’s pen(棚), There Tex found the elephant named Mama, Mama seemed f___5 to him and liked after him.

Tex had to work hard. At night he was always very t___6. He would return to the pen. And Mama would cover him with hay(干草)and touch his face with her trunk(象鼻). Tex felt better, Mama c___7! Tex left the circus after a while, He was asked to work at a zoo in Kansas city. He was very good with a___8. And very soon he became the t___9 man. Tex made the zoo one of the best in the country. The children of Kansas city liked the zoo, And they liked the man who brought them such a nice place to e___10 themselves. 答案 real age join parents friendly tired cared animals top enjoy

(三)One day Harvey’s wife was cleaning out a cupboard, “Look at all these
umbrellas,” Harvey’s wife said to him, “There are eight and they are all b___1.” I’ll take them all to the umbrella shop and have them repaired,” Harvey said, “They are too good to t___2 away” Harvey took the eight umbrellas to the shop and l___3 the there. The shopkeeper said, “They’ll be r___4 tomorrow.” That evening Harvey went home from the office by bus as he u___5 did, He sat next to an old woman, She had an umbrella on the floor between the s___6, when the bus reached his stop, he picked up her umbrella and stood up. “Hey” the woman said, “That umbrella b___7 to me.” “I’m sorry.” Harvey said, giving it to her, “Please excuse me for taking your umbrella by m___8. The next day he collected the umbrellas from the umbrella shop and got on the bus, As he sat down, a v___9 behind said, “ You have certainly had a s___10 day!” He turned around and saw the woman whose umbrella he had almost taken the day before. 答案 broken throw left ready usually seats belongs mistake voice successful

(四)Les Brown, a famous speaker tells the story one of his friends, a salesman.
His friend was in t___1 with money because sales dropped by 60% Les asked him, “How many phone c___2 are you making a day?” His friend answered, “Twenty-five” Les kept s___3 for a while, And the he gave him his a___4. “Double them,” he said, “Make fifty, or seventy-five, or one h___5.”

The salesman answered:“Aw, man. That’s too much, I’d rather w___6 and see.” “Too much!” r___7 Les. “You tell me you are running out of money and then you say it’s too much, you know, one way for you to get back is to p___8 first. Then your sales will increase. How can you say anything is too much when you l___9 every thing?” Today, many people say they have t___10, but in fact they haven’t touched the surface of their potential(潜力), Then , why not make a promise to achieve your personal best? 答案 trouble calls silent advice hundred wait replied pay lose tried

(五)When Mr. Smith got home from work, his flat would be clear and look as good as new, A d___ 1 dinner would be ready for him on the table. After dinner, the robot would wash the dishes, While Mr. Smith r____2 himself. Watching his favorite TV programs, Mr. Smith was very p____3 with his robot. A few weeks later, however, things started to go w____4. The robot caught a virus(病 毒)and c____5 a lot of problems, It no longer knew when it should cook breakfast and sometimes it woke Mr. Smith would find his breakfast in the washing m____6 and his clean shirts in the dustbin, while Mr. Smith was at work, the robot would move around the house and k____7 things over , when Mr. Smith got home, he would find his flat in a mess:food was on the bed, books were in the rice cooker, mirrors were b____8,and coins were spread all over the floor. Mr. Smith w____9 what he would do with the robot. In the end, Mr. Smith decided to r____10 the robot to the robot shop. The robot was just too much trouble. 答案 delicous relaxed pleased wrong cause machine knock broken wondered return

(六)Pearl Carson was shaken awake at 3:30a.m by a forceful pull. King, the family
dog was trying to pull her out of bed. Then she s____1 smoke and heard the sound of fire from her parents’ room. Pearl’s screams(尖叫)awaked her mother, Fern. And father Howard, who had r____2 been in a hospital for lung disease, Helping Howard to a first-floor window, Fern told him to climb out and then ran to her daughter.

Still inside, King a____3 at Pearl’s window, making screaming sound, when running toward Pearl’s bedroom, Fern realized her husband hadn’t yet e____4, She make her way b___5 through the smoke and flames, f____6 King’s sound to where Howard lay still in the floor. Fern helped him get outside, King came out only after the other two were s__7 As day dawned, the Carsons saw that King’s paws were badly burned, and his entire body was burned too, His chain collar(项圈)had gotten so h___8 that it burned his throat, making it impossible for him to bark n___9, only after the seven-year-old dog refused food did they find pieces wood in his mouth and realized that King, who slept outside, had bitten through a wood door to w____10 his family. 答案 smelled recently appeared escaped back following safe hot normally warm