湖北省黄冈中学 2008-2009 学年上学期期末考试高一英语试卷 第一节:多项选择(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 21. China warned the French President Sarkozy (萨科奇) to ________ the meeting with the Dalai Lama, which, however, didn’t work. A. call on B. call up C. call in D. call off 22. Motoman, the latest robot developed by Japanese scientists and skillfully cooked a pancake in an exhibition in Osaka earlier this month, showed it could ________ a kitchen. A. take over B. take off C. take up D. take in 23.The sudden earthquake caused great ________ to people’s property(财产), which will take them a long time to recover. A. damage B. destruction C. loss D. harm 24.It is said that blood is thicker than water. So family ________ are always strong however far away the different family members live. A. relations B. ties C. relatives D. conditions 25.Whoever has________ sense knows that smoking is harmful to people’s health. A. normal B. general C. common D. usual 26.Nowadays we can’t see dinosaurs because they ________ long long ago. A. gave out B. ran out C. went out D. died out 27.Wild animals ________ tigers and pandas are becoming rare. A. as follows B. for example C. such as D. for instance 28.All too ________ it is time to go back to school after the wonderful winter holidays. A. often B. fast C. late D. soon 29.The Beijing Olympic Games has been the biggest ________ Games in the world. A. live B. lively C. alive D. living 30What measures have Western countries ___ to survive the ongoing international financial crisis (金融危机)? A. followed B. taken C. made D. had 完成句子 31 . The sixty-one-year-old woman _____________________ to send her grandson to the kindergarten __________ the terrible earthquake with a strength of 8.0 happened. (about) 这个 61 岁的妇女正要送孙子上幼儿园,突然那场 8 级地震发生了。 32.His father is said to ______________________________ from the earthquake-hit areas in Sichuan Province.(come) 据说他父亲从四川地震灾区回来了。 33._____________________________ many other boys, he likes football. (common) 和许多男孩子一样,他喜欢足球。 35.These photos ___________________ the happy hours we spent together. (remind) 这些照片使我想起了我们一起度过的快乐时光。 37.The doctor ___________________________ my physics teacher for two years. (marry) 这个医生跟我的物理老师结婚两年了。 38 . With the fast development of our economy and society, a more and more important role _________________________ by China in international affairs now. (play) 随着我国经济和社会的飞速发展,中国在国际事务中起的作用越来越重要。 39.I’m afraid your bright future ___________________________ if you continue to be so casual on your work. (ruin) 如果你继续对你的工作马马虎虎,恐怕你的未来会毁掉。 40.Don’t you see this MP3 is _________________________ I lost yesterday ? (same) 难道你没看见这个 MP3 和我昨天丢的那个是同一个吗?

第三节: 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) Seven loyal readers came to the Teens’ office two weeks ago. They had a wonderful day learning how to make a newspaper. But what 41 made them excited was that they had their say. “What most impressed me was 42 I was saying something, I found all eyes were 43 me,” said Tang Shining, one of the students. Her friend, Li Chunbei agreed, and felt very glad that when she was talking, the editors nodded and even 44 notes. Students were happy to see the editors listen to their 45 . You may often 46 about being neglected (忽略) by teachers and parents. 47 before complaining, please make sure that you have already spoken about your 48 . Traditionally in China, teachers at school and parents were 49 the ones to tell teenagers what they should and shouldn’ t do. The young are 50 to doing what they are told, rather than thinking by themselves. But then their ideas would be locked in their brain and not be 51 . A girl wrote to Teens about her family story. She 52 to be very sad because her father seldom talked and played with her. After years of consideration, she 53 decided to write her father a letter, telling him about her sadness. To her 54 , the father 55 , saying that he didn’t realize his mistakes. From then on, he really 56 . Sometimes, we need to let our 57 be heard, so others can understand our thoughts and feelings. Don’t be afraid of being 58 for what you have done. You know it is your 59 to speak your mind. Even if your suggestions are denied (否定), at least you have tried your best. You will not be left with any 60 . 41. A. really B. directly C. completely D. immediately 42. A. how B. when C. where D. what 43. A. at B. for C. on D. in 44. A. read B. saw C. copied D. took 45. A. opinions B. speeches C. songs D. articles 46. A. talk B. complain C. write D. speak 47. A. And B. So C. But D. Instead 48. A. pleasure B. love C. imagination D. worry 49. A. seldom B. never C. always D. sometimes 50. A. used B. reduced C. devoted D. told 51. A. remember B. used C. touched D. heard 52. A. used B. pretended C. seemed D. had 53. A. sadly B. suddenly C. angrily D. finally 54. A. sorrow B. disappointment C. surprise D. joy 55. A. apologized B. smiled C. laughed D. sighed 56. A. exchanged B. changed C. left D. played 57. A. voices B. decisions C. suggestions D. secrets 58. A. punished B. blamed C. beaten D. fined 59. A. duty B. task C. right D. pleasure 60. A. regret B. sadness C. trouble D. difficulty 第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A It was Andria Baker’s high school graduation party, and the time had come for her father to make good on a promise that he had made her years ago, when she was a fourth-grader. “After you started on your first day of kindergarten and continue it through your last day of high school, and I’ll buy you a car.” Tim Baker had told the child. Through the years, Andria Baker kept up her end of the bargain, willing herself to go to school on those days even when she felt under the weather. She did carry out her 13th year of uninterrupted coming to the classroom with her final day at Constantine High Sehool even when she was ill. At Sunday’s party, her father gave the young woman the keys to a new, $17 000 Pontiac G6. Tim Baker, who

teaches seventh grade at Constantine Middle School, said he has no regrets about the deal. “Without a doubt, it was worth every penny I spent,” he said. The look on his daughter’s face when she saw the car was great. Baker said, “When she turned around after seeing the car, she did not know what to do. We got her into the car and she just sat there. Then she ran into the house to get her driver’s license, and she and her best friend got in the car and drove down the road.” Andria Baker, 19, said she thinks she would have gone ahead with that even if a new car had not been promised her. “A lot of my friends thought I was crazy, but I just kept going.” she said. Baker plans to go after an education degree at Alma College. “In my sophomore year I hurt my ankle in a basketball game, and it was really painful,” she said. “Also that day I caught a cold and the teacher looked at me and said, ‘I’m not the teacher who’s going to send you home.’ ” 61.What does the phrase “she felt under the weather” mean? A. She felt that the weather was very cold. B. She didn’t feel good. C. Her body changed with the weather. D. She liked the weather very much. 62.When Andria Baker saw her present, she felt ________. A. surprised and excited B. sad and crazy C. frightened and worried D. upset and angry 63.From the text, we can know that ________. A. both Andria Baker and her father stayed in the same school B. her father made the promise from the day when she began her school C. her father didn’t regret having bought her a new expensive car D. Andria Baker is now studying at Alma College for a degree 64.Andria Baker could come to school every day because ________. A. she was helped by all of her friends B. she wanted to get a new car C. she never got ill D. she just wanted to keep on doing that B When you are talking to somebody at a party, do you focus entirely on the person you are speaking with or does your attention keep jumping around the room to all the other people there? General1y, if the person is someone you really want to talk to, you will focus on him. Most other people will only get about half of your attention. You may think that this is OK, because if you don’t really want to talk to him, then what does it matter if you don’t give him your full attention? Consider two things. First, you may just not realize the importance of that conversation. If you are at a networking meeting and you hope to meet the CEO of Company X, but you end up talking to someone who has a low-level job at a different company, then you may let your attention wander (走 神) as you speak to him. But maybe you don’t realize that this person has already met the CEO and could introduce you. Do you think he will do that if he feels you don’ t really care about speaking to him? This doesn’ t mean you need to spend the whole time talking to him. Five or ten minutes of real attentive (专心的) conversation can be worth 30 minutes to an hour of partial attention. Second, whether you want to speak to someone is based on the situation. You can love your wife, but if she tries to talk to you while you are watching something you like on TV, where is your attention going? Make your own decision, but if you want her to feel valued, give her your 100% attention. The nice thing is that in many cases you can give her your attention for a few minutes and then return to what you were doing. You miss very little, she feels valued, and all is good. 65.The author’s opinion is made believable mainly by ________. A. giving examples B. using figures C. asking questions D. description 66.The second paragraph mainly tells you that ________. A. you should focus on whoever you are talking to B. you should be interested in everyone at a party C. you can refuse to talk to someone you don’t like at a party D. you should be patient with everyone at a party

67.A person who has a low-level job probably ________. A. would like to talk to you B. is the one you’re looking for C. wants to make friends with you D. is well worth focusing on 68.If your wife wants to talk to you when you are busy, you should ________. A. go on with what you are doing B. stop doing anything immediately C. decide what to do according to the situation D. finish what you are doing with her 69.What is the main idea of this passage? A. Always be friendly to others at a party. B. Improve your communication skills by focusing on others. C. It is important for you to be active at a party. D. You should respect your wife at any time. C Starting next month, people in Washington will be able to rent a bicycle day and night with a membership card. A new company called SmartBike will make 120 bicycles available at 10 spots in the city. “There’ s a lot of stress on our transit systems,” said Jim Sebastian, who manages bicycle and pedestrian programs for Washington’s Transportation Department. Offering another choice, MrSebastian said, “It will help us reduce traffic jam and pollution, as well as parking problems.” In the deal, the company will have the advertising rights in the city ’ s bus shelters and it has reached a similar deal with San Erancisco. Chicago and Portland, Ore. , are also considering the program. For a $40 annual membership fee, SmartBike users can check out three-speed bicycles for three hours at a time. The program will not provide helmets (头盔) but does encourage their use. Similar programs have proved successful in Europe. The Vé1ib program in Paris and Bicing in Barcelona, Spain, both started around a year ago and already offer thousands of bicycles. Mr Sebastian, who started trying to bring bike-sharing to Washington even before its success in Paris and Barcelona, said he believed that the program could grow within a year and hoped that it would eventually offer 1 000 bicycles. “But studies showed that many bikes would get stolen in a day, or within a few weeks,” said Paul DeMaio, a Washington-area bike-sharing consultant. Improved technology allows programs to better protect bicycles. In Washington, SmartBike users who keep bicycles longer than the three-hour maximum will receive demerits and could eventually lose renting privileges. Bicycles gone for more than 48 hours will be considered lost, with the last user charged a $200 replacement fee. The low cost could be one of the program’s major selling points. At George Washington University in Foggy Bottom, one of the program’s 10 locations, students were unsure how often they would useSmartBike, but said its price made it worth a try. 70.The program can help the city in the following ways EXCEPT ________. A. protecting the environment B. reducing the traffic jam C. giving more traveling choices D. making more money 71.From the text, we can know ________. A. the SmartBike company can only make money by renting the bikes B. there are many other cities which show great interest in the program C. the SmartBike company will be the first one to run bike-renting business D. the SmartBike company will have 1 000 bicycles at the renting spots 72.What is the problem the SmartBike DC facing? A. The bike technology should be improved. B. Their bikes would get lost. C. There are too few renting spots available. D. There are too few bikes. 73.What will attract the customers most in the program? A. Low price. B. Great convenience. C. New idea. D. High quality. D Have you ever wondered what a Degree might be worth to you in your job or career ( 事业)? It means a lot of Americans with an Associate Degree average nearly $10 000 more in yearly earnings than those with just a High School Diploma (毕业证). Harcourt Learning Direct offers you a way to get a Specialized Associate Degree in all of today ’ s

growing fidds—without having to go to college full time. With Harcourt, you study at home, in your spare time, so you don’ t have to give up your present job while you train for a better one. Choose from exciting majors like Business Management, Accounting, Dressmaking & Design, Bookkeeping, Photography, Computer Science, Engineering and more! Your training includes everything you need! Books, lessons and learning aids are all included in the low tuition (学费) price you pay. Your education is nationally recognized! Nearly 2 000 American companies—including General Electric, IBM, Mobile, General Motors, Ford, and many others— have used our training for their employees. If companies like these recognize the value of our training, you can be sure that employees in your area will, too! Earn your degree in as little as two years! Get a career diploma in just six months! The career of your dreams is closer than you think! Even if you have no experience before, you can get valuable job skills in today’s hottest fields! Prepare for promotions (提升), pay raises, even start a business of your own! Send today for FREE information about Harcourt at home training! Simply fill in your name and address on the coupon (票券) above. Then write in the name and number of the one program you’re most interested in, and mail it today. We’ll rush your free information about how you can take advantage of the opportunities (机会) in the field you’ve chosen. Act today! Mail coupon today! Or call the number below 1-800-372-1589. Call any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Website: www. Harcourt-learning. com. E-mail: Harcourt@learning.com. 74.This advertisement aims at calling on people to ________. A. attend full-time universities B. work part time to further their education C. improve their education at home to get better jobs D. earn their degrees in different ways that suit them 75.Which of the following is NOT clearly mentioned in this advertisement? A. The way how you will get your degree. B. Tuition price. C. The hot fields you will be preparing yourself for. D. The length of time it will take you to get a degree. 76.What does the writer of this ad intend to say by naming General Electric, IBM, Ford, etc.? A. To show that their training is widely used in the country. B. To show that the training program is fully supported by famous companies in the US. C. To prove the value of their training in every area. D. To show the importance of getting recognized by the most famous companies. 77.It seems to the writer that the greatest attraction for people to take their training is ________. A. its convenience B. the degree’s nation-wide recognition C. the economic benefit (利益) it will bring about D. the hot fields the training will help people to enter E The Wall Street Journal Asia Edition (US), the Globe and Mail (Canada), the Guardian (UK), among other foreign news agencies, have recently published articles on China’s earthquake relief. They have all lauded the earthquake relief efforts made by the Chinese government. The Wall Street Journal Asia Edition published an article on May 21 saying that on the eighth day of the most serious natural disaster to hit China in decades, rescuing survivors from the ruins had been quickly replaced by the formidable challenge of helping them. The article said that people over seas have been deeply impressed by earthquake relief efforts by the Chinese government. The Associated French Press (AFP) reported on May 21 that China has become more open amid the campaign. Aircraft loaded with relief supplies from Ukraine, Russia, the United States, Singapore and other countries have arrived in disaster areas in southwestern China. The Associated Press (AP) published an article on May 21 reporting that China is making great efforts to deal with a formidable task caused by the earthquake how to provide temporary shelter for so many people. The article said that many tents have been built, and food and medical care are provided to the people whose lives have been completely disrupted by the earthquake. The Globe and Mail of Canada published an article on May 20 that said the rapid earthquake relief work in Sichuan demonstrates China’s powerful economic strength. An article carried in the British Guardian said that one week after the Sichuan earthquake, China began a three-day national mourning period at 14:28 on May 19, and all Chinese people stood in silence for three

minutes in memory of the victims. The ongoing search and rescue action is encouraged by one miraculous survivor after another. Chinese officials said that, so far, no epidemic had occurred after the earthquake. 78.How many press media are mentioned in the article? A. 3. B. 4. C. 5. D. 6. 79.What is the main idea of the passage? A. Foreign media praise China’s earthquake relief. B. The rapid earthquake relief work in Sichuan demonstrates China’s powerful economic strength. C. The most serious natural disaster to hit China in decades. D. Tens of thousands of people’s lives have been completely disrupted by the earthquake. 80.What is the possible meaning of the underlined word “formidable” in paragraph 5? A. Very difficult. B. Glorious. C. Light. D. Pressing.

第四部分:书面表达(满分 25 分) 假设这学期你的班主任为来自英国的交流老师 Mary,因为你(Xiaohua)当天不能上学,请用英语写 张 100 字左右便条向她说明原因。 要求:1.晨起不适:头痛发烧,量体温,高达 39℃ 2.病因:昨日上学未带雨伞,回家路上淋雨 3.医生建议:服药,饮水,卧床休息 4.请 2 天假 Dear Miss Mary, I’m sorry to say ? ______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Yours Xiaohua 21—25 DAABC 26—30 DCDAB 31. was about?when 32. have come back 33. in common with 34. has lived the dream(s) 35.remind me of / about 36. made a deep impression on/upon me 37. has been married to 38. is being played 39. will be ruined / will be left in ruins 40.the same that 41—45 ABCDA 61—65 BACDA 46—50 BCDCA 66—70 ADCBD 51—55 DADCA 71—75 BBACB 56—60 BABCA 76—80 CCCAA

One possible version: Dear Miss Mary, I’m sorry to say I didn’t feel well when I got up this morning. I had a headache. I took my temperature and found it was 39℃. I couldn’t come to school and have to stay at home. Then I remember it was very cold yesterday, and it was raining hard too, I didn’t take my umbrella with me, so I was caught in the rain on my way home. The doctor asked me to take some medicine, drink lots of water and stay in bed. So I have to ask for two day’s sick leave. But I will come to school as soon as I feel better. Don’t worry. Yours Xiaohua