Wordlist Unit I
Words and Phrases

张家港市常青藤实验中学 李彬

1.review vt / N Eg. review one’s lessons

=go over

review the situation/the evidence 复查,重新考虑 review one’s failures 回顾,反思 review the film/the play 评论,评价 a book reviewer 评论家,评论撰写者

2.altogether 1. You owe me $50 ~.

= in all 2. I don’t ~ agree with you. =completely 3. The food was good, and we loved the atmosphere A~ it was a great evening. =In a word

3.age 1.He left school at the age of 12./at an early age. 年龄 2.the nuclear age/the age of computer (历史上的)时代,时期 3. I’ve waited for ages/years =a long time 4.look age 容貌与年龄相当 5.They have two children aged 6and 8. …岁

4.superior eg.1. ~ intelligence/strength/knowledge 更好的,占优势的,更胜一筹 2. a ~ court of law 上级法院 3. He is ~ to me in position. (级别,职位,重要性上)更高 4. He is my immediate ~. 他是我的顶头上司 5. Modern music is often considered inferior to that of the past. 较差的,次要的

5.wind 1. sail against the wind N. 风 2. The snake wound its way to the hole. 蜿蜒/曲折而行 3. wind the wool into a ball 卷缠,缠绕,绕成团 4. He forgot to wind (up) his watch. 给…上发条 5. Are all the windows wound up? 把(汽车窗玻璃等摇上) 6. Give the handle another couple of winds. N. 再转动两下手柄

6.apply 1.apply to the company in person/by letter for the position

申请,请求 > 2. He has applied to join the army.
3. apply political pressure 使用,应用 4. The new technology was applied to farming. 5. apply the cream to your face and neck. 涂,敷,施 6.fill in the application



7.launch 1. ~ a campaign/an investigation/an attack 开始从事,发起,发动 2. ~ one’s latest novel / the new model of the mobile phone


3. ~ a new warship/a satellite


8.demand 1.He demanded an explanation. 2.He demanded to be told everything. 3.I demanded that John go there at once. 4.他要求选举权给予每一位成年女性. He demanded that the right to vote (should) be given to every adult woman. 5.满足某人的要求 meet/satisfy one’s demand for sth 6.Flying makes enormous demands on pilots. make demands on/of 对…提出要求,需要花费 7.Oil is in great demand these days. in demand 有需要,有需求

9.degree 1.Water freezes at 0°C.(zero degrees centigrade) 度,度数(温度单位) 2.Her job demands a high degree of skill. 程度 3.I agree with you to a certain degree. 在某种程度上 4.She received a doctor’s degree. (大学)学位 5.By degree their friendship grew into love.

=slowly and gradually

10.spring 1. He turned off the alarm and sprang out of bed. 猛然跳起 2. He sprang his feet when he saw his mother. =stood up suddenly 3. Tears sprang to her eyes. 突然出现/来到 4. Play areas for children are 迅速出现,突然兴起 springing up all over the place. N.c跳跃 5. She rose with a spring. 6. The rubber has lost its spring. N.u弹性 7. The spring of my watch is broken. N.c弹簧,发条 8. He was born in the spring of 1944. 9. a mineral spring N.c泉水

1.personal adj. personally adv eg. personal possessions/experience 个人的,私人的 personal relationships/qualities 人际的,个性的 personal life/matter 私人的,私事的 make a personal appearance 亲自做的 offer a personal service 为某人做的,个别的 Personally, I prefer the second opinion. 就本人而言,就个人而言 All the letters will be answered personally. 亲自,本人

12.delight vt/vi n 1. The news will ~ his fans all over the world. 使高兴 2. He delights to prove his brother wrong. 喜欢做 > 因某事 3. She delighted in her work. 高兴 4. I’m delighted to receive your letter. 5. I was delighted at the thought of seeing you again 6. I was delighted with my present. 7. I was delighted that you were all successful. 8. to one’s delight 9.The naughty took (a) delight in pulling the dog’s tail. 喜欢做某事,从…中取乐

13. vary V. variety N. various Adj Eg.1.菜单随季节而变化 The menu varies with the season. 2. We all need ________ variety in our diet.

was 3.There _______ a variety of opinion. were a variety of opinions There _______ were several varieties of red roses. There _______
various reasons. 4.She took the job for_________

14.assume V.1) to think or accept that sth is true but without having proof assuming Conj assumed Adj.

1.Let us assume for a moment that the plan succeeds 2.I assume him(to be) able to read. 3.Assuming it rains tomorrow, what shall we do? 2) To take or begin to have power or responsibility 4.~ one’s duty/responsibility/power 3) Pretend to have a particular feeling or quality 5.~ a look of surprise/an air of concern

6.the assumed time of his arrival

15.case 1.Take my ~ for an example. 情况,情形,事例 2. a murder ~ 谋杀案 win/lose a ~ 胜/败诉 3. a severe ~ of typhoid 伤寒重病例 A. in that case: 在此种情况下,如果那样 B. in no case: 在任何情况下都不 C. in any case: 不管怎样 D. in case: 1)以防 2) 如果万一 4---I have made up my mind. A there is no point discussing it. ---____, 5.There is no point complaining now. C ---We are leaving tomorrow_____. B are you to leave your post. 6._____ D 7.______ I forget, please remind me. D 8.Take an umbrella _______ it rains


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碟,每碟形如梅花,花心一个格子、花瓣又有五个格子,每格里那么一点儿零嘴,也有杏片、梅子姜,也有蜜麻花、糖荔枝,也有香怅饼、锦切 糕,也有炒葵子炒西子炒南子,每样都整顿得细细的,装那么一小格,每格里东西都不一样,还缀着蒸过吹干了的雪白茉莉,色味俱美。吃着点 心,难免配茶水,福珞这边有好瓷香叶热水,原本是不错的,但敌不过宝音那边,小丫头们以云石镂花托盘一盘盘的送上来,不同茶色任君择选, 也有浓绿的铁观音、也有清醇的云雾叶,甚或还有一杯清水,散发着诱人的柚子清香,原来是柚皮蒸出精露来点的水,比茉莉便宜得多,闻着可 实在不错。老太太那边,丫头也尊宝音的命,奉上一瓯,老太太倾出半杯来饮了,笑笑,传至众人。唐太守那边,来了位姑奶奶,抿一口,着意 看了宝音一眼,显然也知宝音与福珞两人间的较量。明秀与唐静轩,婚事已定,唐夫人不便亲自来给老太太拜寿,免得落下“丈母娘老往准媳妇 家跑着巴结”的闲话。这位姑奶奶,是替唐夫人来的。宝音老老实实的低头,没有跟唐家姑奶奶对视,是羞涩,但并不专为了躲唐姑奶奶,更是 为了躲那桌上另一双眼睛。明远跟老太太一桌。柚子露过去时,他也要了一杯,含笑看了宝音一眼,似感谢,又似要好好认识一下这个小妹妹。 他那点目光里的笑意到了宝音面前,宝音的感觉,就像一只在太阳下打盹的猫,雪白的毛皮、雪白的阳光,柔软的、无限耀眼的,舒展开去,藏 起了小小尖牙,但你总能感觉到那片柔软之中,小小的、尖尖的东西还在,顶得人心里痒痒,甚至一不小心,就被拉得皮破血流。这是宝音对明 远的感情。身为小妹妹宝音,对大哥明远,是不能抱有这种感情的。一生中终于有一次,她在他视线之内,但多么可笑,却不能再进一步,把她 的心与生命都交给他,将她的一切怯懦与欢喜都向他和盘托出。所以宝音只能低头了。启幕,大闹天宫,再俗滥不过的贺寿戏,孙猴子二次招安 时,不说天帝的不是,只耍个花棍对丑角天兵道:“兀你那蠢儿,当俺稀罕吃个桃子么?却不知人间有个苏老太君,过的寿诞何等好顽,俺老孙 且去她府上趁顿酒去,仙桃便作了贺礼了!”天兵结舌无语,下头笑逐颜开,一片奉承声,冷盘也流水价上了来,无非酱小菜、老腌菜、豆腐干 丝、火腿冬笋、细芹白斩鸡、肉丁果子酱,宝音几乎都是前几天就约定谢府最好的小菜师傅,切好备下了,至于蘸的酱、醋,也去芋大嫂那里, 于她自酿的好酱醋里,又取了最好的一份——酱取酱瓮底下的,醋撇醋瓶面上的,精加新鲜小磨麻油调配。这些小菜、酱料、白案刀工上头用的 人,原不如大菜师傅扬名,即使平时做得好,明秀也没太在意,更没记住,但觉一盘盘冷碟上来,宝音那桌更匀美。大太太看了明


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