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Introduction To My Hometown

A Survey Of Shaanxi
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位置和地理特点(Location And Geographical Features) 历史(History) 农业(Agriculture) 工业(Industry) 旅游业(Tourism) 自然和矿产资源(Natural Resources Mineral Deposits) 科技和教育(Science Technology And Education)


陕西省 is situated in the center of China. The geological center point
of whole China is just located with in Jingyang County. The province is 1,000 kilometers long from the north down to the south and 360 kilometers wide from the east to the west. Adjacent to 山西,河南,湖北,四川,甘肃,宁夏 and 内蒙古, 陕西 serves as the vital communication junction to link the eastern and central parts of China with the southwestern and northwestern parts of China. The province covers an area of 205,600 square km2, and is divided into three natural areas from the north to the south, namely 黄土高

原,关中平原 and 秦巴山区.


陕西 is one of the cradles of the Chinese nation and the birth place of ancient
Chinese civilization. 南田猿人 lived and settled down here about 1,000, 000 years ago.

半坡人 who lived to the east of Xi'an city about 6,000 years ago left a complete primitive
village site of the matriarchal clan community at its flourishing time. Located at Huangling county,陕西省, the mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor who was the ancestor of the Chinese Nation represents the ancient Chinese history. 陕西 was the political, economic and cultural center of China before the 10th century. About 13 dynasties from 周,秦,汉,隋 and 唐,etc., set up their capitals here totaling for more than 1,100 years. During 汉 and 唐 period, the capital 长安 was the starting point of "丝绸之路" the international commercial and trade center, as well as the juncture of the Chinese and Western civilization. 盛唐文化 had very deep influence


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Introduction To My Hometown upon China even the whole world. The ancient 长安 was the token of China opening to the outside world. After 宋,

元,明 and 清 dynasties, the Chinese political and economic center moved eastward, but 西安 still served as a
crucial city of Northwest China. AGRICULTURE

陕西 is one of the major agricultural bases in China , with 3.521 million hectares of arable land and 3.535
million hectares of grassland. Since the reform and opening to the outside world started in 1978, the yearly average growth in agriculture is 5.7%; the grass grain output capability has remained a steady level of over 10,000,000 tons. Diversified economy had developed in a rapid pace. The development of farming forestry, animal husbandry, sideline production and fishery had taken place in a simultaneous and coordinated way. Up till now, the agricultural bases for the cash crops have been set up to produce 谷物, 油, 棉花, 烟叶, 水果, 茶叶, 短

腿羊, 秦川牛, 蚕茧, 绵羊 and 羊毛. Especially the area for apple - growing
has expanded to 435,000 hectares, totaling 1.785 million tons, and the area for kiwi planting has increased to 7,300 hectares. The rural enterprises in 陕西 have developed rapidly in various ways and have become the pillar in the rural economy. In 1994, the total output value of the township enterprises in the province records 55. 22 billion RMB ¥, which took up 78% of the total output value of the rural society, and 30% of the total industrial output value of the whole province.

INDUSTRY There are 130,000 industrial enterprises above township level, 405 of which are large and medium-sized ones with 2,000,000 employees. The gross industrial output value has reached 100,640,000 RMB ¥ . An industrial system in 140 departments with 机械 (machinery), 电子 (electronics), 纺织 (textile) and 能源 (energy) as its main body has been established ,thus 陕西 has become an important industrial base in China. ☆ Machine-Building Industry ☆ Electronics Industry ☆ Textile Industry ☆ Energy Industry

陕 西
is a world-known third class are involved in domestic service; more than 2,000 tour guides with languages of English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean and Vietnamese. The ancient and cultural city 西 安 is full of various and colorful night recreational activities. The tourist spots in 陕西 are beautiful and attractive. The big spots in the

province for its most valuable historical relics. Only in 1994, the province has earned over 100 million US dollars foreign exchange for the first time in history from 439,000 tourists. There are 32 tourism agencies of first and second classes; eighty tourism agencies of


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Introduction To My Hometown province can be described the top in China. They are: 轩辕黄帝陵, 秦始 of the Chinese revolution—延安. In addition, there are also the well known 'Number One Mountain under the Heaven' the first risky mountain in the world-华山.

皇陵 , 乾陵, 法门寺 , 陕西历史博物 馆 (the oldest, biggest and richest
Library in stone). The famous cradle NATURAL RESOURCES MINERAL DEPOSITS


is abundant in mineral resources , hence the name "natural cornucopia". Of the 135 kinds of minerals ever struck by human until now, there are 92 sorts whose reserves have been verified, 7 kinds, including, 铼, etc., are ranked the province first in the whole nation. 11 kinds, such as 天然气, 钼 and 汞, are ranked the second. 10 kinds, like 煤, 镁 and 盐 are ranked the third. 58 kinds are among the first ten places. In Northern Shaanxi, the proved reserves of coal amount to 953 million tons, and especially 神府煤田, whose reserves estimably amount to more than 160 billion tons. In Northern Shaanxi, there is a large-sized 天然气 deposit with the reserve of 170 billion m3.



has rich scientific and technological resources. There are nearly 2000 scientific and technological research institutes in various fields in the province with a ready pool of about 780, 000 technicians and engineers. The comprehensive science and technology capability ranks the province third in China. From 1987 to 1994 3,071 scientific and technical achievements were made 471 of which reached the internationally advanced level. Patent applications numbered 12,101, and 6,360 items were authorized patents. There are 47 universities and colleges in the province with 126,900 enrolled students: 7963 postgraduates, and 20,148 full-time teachers in the province. There are 2,829 middle schools with 1,342,400 students and 36,456 primary schools with 4,250,000 students. The ratio of enrollment of school-aged children keeps steady at 98%. There are 41 institutions of higher learning for adults with 36, 200 students as well as 127 secondary vocational school for adults.


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体育休闲运动期刊——2012 年第 2 期

香港调查,当今最受欢 钓鱼、登山 、击剑、耕 驾驶飞机、学习绘画、打高尔

迎的十项休闲活动是: 田、 出海、骑马、跳舞、 夫球。

钓鱼是一种 一个水桶就 上,仅是那 登山也是一 和呼吸新鲜 击剑本是中

训练个人耐力的休闲活动,普通的装备很简单,一支钓竿、一把鱼饵加 可以出发了。湖边、河畔、水库旁,都可以钓上一把,就算什么也钓不 份悠闲劲儿,就让人陶醉了。 种时尚的运动,既可以锻炼意志和体魄,又可以同时欣赏大自然的美景 的空气。 世纪欧洲贵族爱好的一种武艺训练运动,人们会经常从一些外国电影中

看到击剑的场面,它紧张刺激兼能训练反应健体益智。 耕田可以说是一种返璞归真的时尚, 在空气污染严重、 生活节奏紧张的都市呆久了, 难免会怀念乡村恬静、 纯朴、简单的生活方式,因此,背个行囊到山青水秀的乡村去学干农活,喂喂鸡、养养鸭,不亦乐乎。 扬帆出海是西方很时髦的玩艺,同时一是颇为讲究技巧的运动。先不说要有帆船做基础,光是学习操纵帆 船和相关海上知识就得花上一段时间。 骑马在绿茵茵的草地上溜达、奔驰,实在是都市人浪漫的 跳舞是陶冶性情、愉悦身心的一种活动,无论是舞蹈还是 爱上的确让人难舍难分。 驾驶飞机翱翔蓝天,可能是每一个人的梦想。在香港,有 的组织,教授驾驶小型飞机的技术。 琴棋书画是古代衡量一个人是否受过良好教育的标志, 抽空学学 是既高雅又怡情养性的活动。 高尔夫球被人们称作贵族运动。如果你碰巧也喜欢高尔夫球运动,不妨从小型高尔夫球入手。 绘画和书法,

生 命 在 于 运 动

享受。 交谊舞,一旦


要求: 1、 参考样例,自选题目和内容 2、 要有字体、字型、字符风格的变化 3、 要有段落样式、底纹、边框的变化 4、 要有首字下沉,艺术字,局部分栏 5、 要有页眉、页脚,页脚中参考样例使用图片效果 6、 最好文中目录使用超链接方式 7、 要实现图文混排的效果


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