What is an ideal teacher like The Open University in Britain

What is an ideal teacher like? The ideal teacher may be young or old, tall or short, fat or thin. He should know his subject. He can make mistakes but he is willing to learn. His personality is as important as his scholarship. The ideal teacher must be enthusiastic. He must never teach anything he himself is not interested in. He should be a bit of an actor and he should not be afraid to show his feelings and express his likes and dislikes. He must like his students and respect them, but he must also respect himself and be proud of his work. Otherwise, he cannot respect his students and win respect from them. The ideal teacher should have an understanding of his students and be able to relate to them. He needs students' understanding' too. The ideal teacher should be kind, encouraging, and helpful. He is neither too strict nor too friendly. His attitude and approach towards his students should be in between these two extremes. The teacher should motivate the student, too, so that he wants to learn. He needs patience and understanding, and must encourage the student without pushing or forcing him.
The ideal teacher should see his students as individuals and recognize their differences. He must know how to encourage the self-development and growth of each of his students. The ideal teacher is one who grows, learns, and improves himself along with his students.

The Open University in Britain The Open University in Britain plays an important role in British education. It is ranked amongst the top British universities for the quality of its teaching. In 1963 the leader of the Labour Party made a speech explaining a plan for a 'university of the air’---an educational institution which would make use of television, radio and correspondence courses to give educational opportunity to those people who, for one reason or another, did not have a chance to receive further education. But at that time many people laughed at the plan. By 1969 the plan was well advanced and by August 1970 the Open University had received forty thousand applications. But only twenty-four thousand could be accepted then for the four introductory courses: social sciences, arts, science and mathematics. Many clerks, farm workers, housewives, teachers, policemen attended the first class over the radio or on TV in January 1971. At the same time thirteen study centers were set up all over the country so that students could spend one week a year at one of the university's summer schools. Today the Open University is Britain's largest university, with over 210,000 students. Nearly all its students are part-time and about 370 per cent of undergraduate students are in full-time employment. Over 50,000 students are sponsored by their employers for their studies. People choose to study for many reasons---to further their careers, to make up for missed opportunities, to pursue a personal interest or simply to sharpen their minds. They choose the Open University because it offers them a chance to study with one of the best centers of learning in the country without giving up work or family commitment. It is probably the cheapest and most far-reaching method to promote higher education.


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