模拟试卷 12
听力部分 1-25 略 笔试部分
V 单项选择(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,计 15 分) 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 26. We have ________ good plan for the coming summer holiday. A. a B. an C. the D. / 27. Our future depends ________ ourselves. A. at B. on C. in D. for 28. The apple on the table is much bigger than ________ on the floor. A. it B. one C. this D. that 29. Yesterday we were surprised at such good ________. A. news B. idea C. suggestion D. answer 30. The more careful you are, the ________ mistakes you will make. A. less B. more C. fewer D. better 31. You can catch up with others as long as you ________ hard. A. will work B. work C. have worked D. worked 32. —Why is it so noisy there? —The boys are talking about the football match ________. A. quietly B. bravely C. patiently D. excitedly 33. Great changes ________ in Handan in the past few years. A. take place B. took place C. have taken place D. will take place 34. —Did you see a boy pass by ten minutes ago? —No, sir. I ________ with my mobile phone. A. am playing B. was playing C. played D. play 35. I’d like to help you if you ________ your problems. A. work out B. put out C. speak out D. hand out 36. We ________ our papers by the end of this term. A. will finish B. have finished C. would finish D. finished 37. Jack ________ to Canada as an exchange student last year. A. sends B. sent C. is sent D. was sent 38. You ________ tell others about this—it’s a secret. A. can B. mustn’t C. could D. needn’t 39. —Why are the class so quiet? —Oh, the students ________. A. take an exam B. took an exam C. are taking an exam D. have taken an exam 40. —Did you know ________ yesterday? —No, I didn’t know the reason.

A. how he arrived C. where he went

B. what he did D. why he left

VI.完形填空(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,计 10 分) When we read books we seem to enter a new world. This new world can be similar to the one we are living in, or it can be very 41 . Some stories are told as if they are true. Other stories, such as the Harry Potter books, are not realistic. There are characters (角色) doing things that would be 42 for us. But reading books means more to us. If we think about it, even realistic writing is only planned. How can we 43 the difference between what is real and what is not real? For example, when we read the stories about Harry Potter, we seem to learn something about the real world. 44 when Harry studies magic at Hogwarts, he also learns 45 about his real life than magic. Reading, like writing, is an action. It is a process (过程) of 46 . When we read or write something, we consider much more than simply look at words on a page. We use our 47 —which is real—and our imagination—which is real in a different way—to make the words come to life in our minds. Most of us probably don’t think about what is 48 in our mind when we are reading. We just pick up a book and soon lose 49 in a good story. We can’t wait to 50 what will happen next. Knowing how we feel when we read can help us become better readers, and it will help us discover more about the real magic of books. 41. A. different B. difficult C. easy D. small 42. A. necessary B. comfortable C. impossible D. important 43. A. say B. tell C. talk D. speak 44. A. So B. But C. And D. If 45. A. more B. less C. better D. worse 46. A. creating B. working C. living D. thinking 47. A. magic B. words C. knowledge D. grammar 48. A. going on B. trying on C. keeping on D. feeding on 49. A. yourselves B. ourselves C. themselves D. yourself 50. A. look for B. talk about C. check over D. find out VII.阅读理解(共 15 小题,每小题 2 分,计 30 分) 阅读 A、B、C 三篇材料,然后从各小题所给的四个选项中选出最佳选项。 A A few days ago, my friend Cynthia and her husband went to visit her husband’s boss, Jerry. And they spent the weekend in his home. Jerry was so wealthy and Cynthia had never seen such a nice house before, which made her a little nervous. Jerry was very generous, he took them to the finest restaurant in the city. As they were about to enter the restaurant, Jerry was walking ahead of Cynthia and her husband. He stopped suddenly, looking down on the road for a long, silent moment. Cynthia wondered if she was supposed to pass him. There was nothing on the ground except a single darkened penny that someone had dropped. Still silent, Jerry reached down and picked up the penny. He smiled, and then put it in his pocket as if he had found a great treasure. Why did the man need a single penny? Why

did he even stop and pick it up? During the meal, she was thinking about the whole scene. Finally, she asked Jerry if the penny he had found had been of some value. Jerry said with a smile. “Though a penny hasn’t too much value, I respect and protect it. We should treat everything and every person equally no matter how important or common it is, shouldn’t we?” 51. Where did Cynthia and her husband spend the weekend a few days ago? A. In the writer’s home. B. In Cynthia’s home. C. In Cynthia’s boss’s home. D. In Jerry’s home. 52. My friend, Cynthia, felt a little ________ about the weekend at first. A. wealthy B. generous C. nervous D. hungry 53. ________ was walking ahead when they were about to enter the restaurant. A. Cynthia B. The boss C. Nobody D. Cynthia’s husband 54. What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 3 refer to? A. The penny. B. The meal. C. The house. D. The restaurant. 55. What can we learn from the passage? A. We had better go to our bosses’ houses very often. B. We should treat everything and every person equally. C. We should pick up everything wherever we see them. D. We can’t feel nervous when we are invited by our boss. B If you’re one of those people who like to use apps to kill time, you’re not alone. Here are four apps for you to spend your free time.

56. If you have problems in remembering English words, which app can help you? A. Baicizhan. B. Douban FM. C. Moment Camera. D. Flipboard. 57. When you use the Flipboard, you can ________. A. listen to music B. know about the news C. take pictures D. play guessing games 58. If you use the heart button, it means ________. A. you don’t like the songs at all B. you want to cut short the songs C. you want to cancel the songs D. you want to enjoy the songs again 59. Which is Not the advantage of Moment Camera? A. It provides users with sequence shots. B. It is a kind of camera app with filters.

C. It’s difficult for users to use Moment Camera. D. It offers you different-sized frames for photos. 60. What can we know from the passage? A. Douban FM is a digital radio app for you to learn about sport news. B. Flipboard gives you a chance to choose the news that interests you. C. Baicizhan just shows the Chinese and English meanings of a new word. D. Moment Camera is the only app to make your smartphone camera better. C Many of us enjoy watching animals in the wild. They usually make us pleased, cheer us up and, sometimes, even get us scared. But did you know they can teach us? Geese, for example, teach a very good lesson about teamwork. In fall, Canada geese fly south to get away from Canada’s cold winter weather. They lift off in no order. Yet very quickly they form a V shape, with one bird leading the flock (雁群). Scientists have discovered that geese flying in a V-shaped formation can help them to save energy. In this way, they can fly 70 percent farther without rest than birds flying alone. How does this apply to (适用于) humans? Work together. Whether it is in our personal lives or our professional ones, we need other people. We are encouraged by their enthusiasm and energy. If we face the difficulties in life alone, the risks are greater. Be an encourager. We have found that geese make sound in flight to encourage those up front to keep up the speed. Team members should regularly communicate with each other while working towards a common goal. Take turns. The goose out in front has the hardest job as it breaks up the air currents. When it gets tired, it moves behind, and another goose moves into the lead. By sharing the role, the flock can travel great distances. Teams can benefit from the same idea. Based on their experience and skills, people can take turns sharing the leadership role. Set a good example. When geese are on land, if something scares the leader, it might fly off. So does the flock. But if the leader remains calm, the flock will do the same. Geese and people usually imitate their leaders. When leading, we must remember that our actions and emotions are passed on to our followers. Like geese, when we work together, our burdens are lighter. 61. According to the passage, animals usually make people feel ________. A. interested and relaxed B. pleased and cheerful C. scared and worried D. surprised and excited 62. How do geese encourage each other during the flight? A. By making sound. B. By following the leader. C. By flying in V shape. D. By taking turns to fly in front. 63. The underlined word “imitate” in the passage means ________. A. control B. stop C. warn D. follow 64. What can we infer from the passage? A. Taking turns to be the leader while flying is to search for food. B. It seems that working together can only be needed on our jobs. C. By helping and sharing, our problems in life can be less difficult.

D. It is always useless for leaders to set an example to group members. 65. What would be the best title for the passage? A. Art of Leadership B. Life of Geese C. Lessons from Geese D. Secrets of Flight

卷 II(非选择题,共 40 分) IX.任务型阅读(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分,计 10 分) 阅读短文,并按要求完成 71~75 题。 Experiencing life is a kind of learning. And there are several things that life has taught me that I want to share with you. Take care of your body. Whether you like it or not, life is unfairly biased (偏向的) towards people who look good. So it’s important that you do all to make you look best. I mean dressing nicely, exercising regularly and eating healthily. If you take care of your body, you will live longer and more happily, and you may even get better paid on your job. You should remember that your health is always your greatest wealth. Think in the long term. In high school I was thinking about college. In college I was thinking about life after college. I’m designing my life and I’m making decisions today that will enable me to live the life I hope for in the future. You have to think in the long term; you have to see the “big picture”. By planning your future properly, you will live into your plans. Besides, I have something else to share with you. Be clear about the power of focus. Focus, focus, focus… Nothing is more important than focus. If you fail in the lifetime, maybe it’s mainly because of broken focus. If you focus on the goals that are important to you, you will achieve them. What separates the winners from the losers is that the winners learn to focus on their goals. Winners just focus on achieving what is critical (极重要的) to their goals. 71 题完成句子;72~73 题简略回答问题;74 题找出并写下最后一段的主题句;75 题将文 中画线句子译成汉语。 71. According to the passage, life is unfairly biased towards people who ______________. 72. How will you live into your plans? _____________________________________________________________________ __ 73. What separates the winners from the losers? _____________________________________________________________________ __ 74. _______________________________________________________________________ 75. _______________________________________________________________________

X.词语运用(共 5 小题,每小题 1 分,计 5 分) 根据短文内容及所给提示,补全文中单词或用所给单词的正确形式填空。

Good morning, everyone. I don’t want to say goodbye to my school. Standing by the school gate, I suddenly 76. r____________ it is time to say goodbye to my school. Thinking about the past three years, so many beautiful 77. ____________ (memory) rise in my mind: tidy uniforms, short hair, 78. ____________ (love) smiles and so on. Walking in the school building, it seems that the lessons will never stop. I can’t forget the sunshine dropped on my desk 79. t____________ the bright windows. I can’t forget the library where I used to go. And I can’t forget every word 80. ____________ (write) by my teachers on the blackboard. My dear school, I’ll love you forever. And I really don’t want to say goodbye. XI.基础写作(包括 A、B 两部分,A 部分 5 分,B 部分 15 分,共计 20 分)

A) 连词成句(共 5 小题,每小题 1 分,计 5 分) 将所给单词连成句子。要求符合语法,语句通顺,大小写正确,单词不得重复使用,标点已 给出。 81. my, in, live, cousin, Harbin ______________________________________________________________________. 82. the, is, cold, snow, weather, there, and ______________________________________________________________________. 83. people, wear, every day, glove, have to ______________________________________________________________________. 84. she, very, much, skate, likes ______________________________________________________________________. 85. I, to, she, will, skate, teach, someday ______________________________________________________________________ ?

B) 书面表达(共计 15 分) 86. 离中考只有短短的几十天了,面对每天的作业和父母殷切的希望,我们深感压力之大。 英语课上, 老师让大家介绍自己喜欢的放松方式及原因。假设下面表格是你和同学们的发 言,请根据表格中的英文提示,写一篇短文,介绍一下你们讨论的内容。 Li Hua

Going swimming Listening to music Reading books ...

Ming Mei I


要求:1. 短文须包括三位同学和你自己的发言; 2. 短文中涉及的四个要点都要适当发挥;

3. 短文中不得涉及真实的人名、校名和地名; 4. 词数:80 个左右(已给出开头和结尾不计入总词数)。 Different people have different ways to relax themselves. Li Hua says

____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________

卷 I (选择题,共 80 分) 1-5. ACCAB 6-10. BCAAB 11-15. ACCAB 16-20. ABBCA 21-25. ABCBB 26-30. ABDAC 31-35. BDCBC 36-40. ADBCD 41-45. ACBCA 46-50. DCABD 51-55. DCBAB 56-60. ABDCB 61-65. BADCC 卷 II(非选择题,共 40 分) VIII. 66. ten past eight / eight ten / 8:10 67. wonderful 68. enjoy / watch / see 69. dining 70. pay attention to IX. 71. look good 72. By planning your / our / my future properly. 73. What separates the winners from the losers is that the winners learn to focus on their goals. / The winners learn to focus on their goals. 74. Be clear about the power of focus. 75. 你应该记住你的健康总/永远是你最好/棒/大的财富。 X. 76. realize / realise 77. memories 78. lovely 79. through 80. written XI.A) 81. My cousin lives in Harbin. 82. The weather there is snowy and cold. / The weather is cold and snowy there. 83. People have to wear gloves every day. / Every day they have to wear gloves. 84. She likes skating very much. / She likes to skate very much. 85. Will she teach me to skate someday? / Will I teach her to skate someday? B)86. One possible version: Different people have different ways to relax themselves. Li Hua says her favourite way is going swimming. She says swimming can make her have a strong and healthy body. Wang Ming likes listening to music. He says he can feel very happy and relaxed by listening to his favourite music. Han Mei likes reading books, so she uaually reads books to relax herself. While reading,

she can forget the problems, and at the same time, she can learn something new. As for me, I think painting can help me relax. Painting is a good hobby. I can feel very peaceful and comfortable while painting.


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