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九年级下学期英语 U1 周检测 (Grammar-Task) 一、单项选择题。(20 分) ( _____? A. didn’t they C. weren’t they ( A. are used to do; used to use C. are used to do; are used to using ( ( A. both A. three third; have C. three third; are ( school. A. far; far ( borrow______? ---- No. I’d rather buy ______ in the book store. A. it; it C. one; it ( ( ( A. in; to A. wakes up A. it is; to learn C. it; ( ( to learn A. It A. that spends B. He B. to; in C. in; in D. on; to C. takes up B. it; learning D. that; to learn C. She D. This B. that takes D. puts up B. it; one D. one; one B. away; away C. far; away D. away; far ) 6. ----There is still a copy of the book in the library. Will you go and B. either B. did they D. were they B. used to do; are used to use D. are used to doing; are used to use C. neither D. every B. two thirds; is D. two thirds; has ) 1. Very few office workers were asked to remain in the office to do the extra work,

) 2. Computers ______ many things and we ________ computers in our everyday life.

) 3. We should protect the beautiful flowers on _______side of the street. ) 4. It’s said that ________ of the water in the river _______ polluted.

) 5. My home is not _______ from school. It’s only about 300 metres _______ from

) 7. China lies ______ the east of Asia and ________ the north of Australia. ) 8. The big desk _______ too much room. Please take it away. B. sets up ) 9. My pen pal Andrew found ______ difficult _______ Chinese well.

) 10. There is a knock at the door. _______ must be the postman. )11. Can you tell me how long _______ to go to America by air?

C. it costs ( ---Because she wondered________________. A. where did the other students go B. when the policeman will come C. what her students have done during the trip D. if her students had survived the earthquake (

D. it takes

) 12. ---Why did Miss Wang look so worried when we saw her?

) 13. _________ Mrs. Jones _________ Dr. Simpson shows great interest in the subject which we are talking about. A. Both; and C. Not only; but also B. Either; nor D. /; and


) 14. The Smiths are considering _______ to New England because they _______ the cold weather there. A. not moving; didn’t use to C. not to move; didn’t use to B. not moving; aren’t used to D. not to move; aren’t used to B. such a useful; great value D. so a useful; greatly valuable


) 15. It is _________ dictionary that it is of _________ to us. A. such an useful; greatly value C. so useful a; great valuable


) 16. —Be careful! You might fall into the water. —Thank you. I _________ I _________to the pool. A. didn’t know; am standing so close C. didn’t know; was standing so close B. don’t know; am standing so closely D. didn’t know; would stand so closely


) 17. —Would you please give me a hand and take the bookcase upstairs? — _______________. A. With pleasure B. My pleasure C. Of course I do D. Yes, that’s all right


)18. The Yellow River _______ flood(淹没) large areas, but now the waters of it are used to _____ energy. A. was used to; producing C. was used to; produce B. used to; producing D. used to; produce


) 19. -----I wonder when you _______ the new watch. ----- Well, I ________ it for two weeks. A. have bought; have had C. bought; have had B. bought; have bought D. have bought; have bought


) 20. —My car ______. Could you please give me a ride tomorrow?

—I’m sorry I can't. I’m _______ London tomorrow morning. A. has been broken down; leaving C. broke; leaving for 二、完形填空。(10 分) Venice is known as a beautiful 1 city in the north-east of Italy which is famous for its 3 as if it were floating on water. canals. A canal is a man-made river. In fact, the city is mainly made up of both large and small canals with very 2 streets. The canals make Venice 4 building in Venice 5 many of the beautiful old buildings look exactly the same as they did in the past. The old people all over the world. Many people also love the peacefulness of B. has broken down; leaving for D. is breaking; leaving

the water. However, this peacefulness is sometimes hard to find when the city is almost always full of 6 . The city is busiest in spring and late summer, and also around Christmas and New Year. During these times of year, it will be very difficult to find a place to 7 . Many people say that Venice is most 8 in June, July and August because of the unbearable(难以忍受的) seeing Venice covered in D. forest D. thin D. change D. attract D. cars D. see D. so crowds and very hot weather. The best time to visit it is in May, 9 snow in December can also be an 10 sight. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A. mountain ) 2. A. long ) 3. A. appear ) 4. A. Interestingly ) 5. A. surprise ) 6. A. boats ) 7. A. shop ) 8. A. pleasant ) 9. A. though )10. A. interesting B. water B. short B. sound B. However B. frighten B. tourists B. stay B. unpleasant B. since B. interested C. Indeed C. stop C. rivers C. eat C. because C. amazing C. fog C. wide C. become D. Although

C. interesting D. uninteresting D. amazed

三、阅读理解。(10 分) Joanne had planned to leave work early this afternoon,at three o’clock. But when she finally came out of her office, all the other conductors(售票员) had already left. Now she was caught in a heavy traffic in central Birmingham at 5:30, and at 6:30 she was expected to be at a meeting. At last she arrived at her home. As she opened the door, she noticed something unusual about Sheba,a large dog. She could see easily Sheba was feeling bad and could hardly breathe. .Joanne knew she would have to take her to the vet at once. “It looks like something is stuck in her throat(喉咙),” said Dr. Sterne,“It shouldn't

take me too long to get it out. " Being in a hurry, Joanne left the doctor with the dog and rushed back home. As she was once again entered the house, the phone rang. Dr. Sterne's loud and worried voice was heard, "I want you to get right out of your house at once. The police will be there any time now. Wait outside for us. ” Joanne was surprised and frightened. She quickly ran into the street. At that moment, a police car stopped outside the house. Two policemen got out and ran into the house through the still open door. Then the doctor arrived. Just then, the two policemen came out of the house, half-carrying a white-faced man,who, it seemed, could hardly walk. There was blood all over him. “I think he must be a thief,” said the doctor. “I knew he was there because when I finally cleared what was in Sheba’s throat, and found it was three human fingers.” ( ) 1. Where does Joanne probably work? A. At a bus or train station. C. In a police station. ( A. the door was open C. the dog couldn’t walk ( B. In an animal hospital D. It isn’t mentioned. B. something was wrong with the dog D. there was something in the dog’s throat

) 2. When Joanne arrived home, she found that __________.

) 3. Why did the doctor ask her to get out of the house? A. Because he wanted to meet her outside. B. Because a thief would break into her house. C. Because the police were coming to her house. D. He thought there was a thief in her house.


) 4. The thief looked very sick because ___________. A. the dog had hurt him badly B. he was caught by the police C. he caught a disease from the dog D. he didn’t find anything worthy to steal


) 5. Which of the following do you think is NOT right according to the passage? A. The police arrived soon after the vet called them. B. Joanne didn’t know there was a thief in her house. C. It took Joanne over three hours to drive home from work D. The doctor was not only a good vet but also a clever man.

四、词汇运用。(8 分) 1. The airport has been in _________(服务) for ten years. 2. He bought a new computer game with ten ___________(级别). 3. British is behind Japan in developing modern_____________(技术).

4. Shirley was standing at the door. Her long hair ____________(垂下) down her waist. 5. Seven ___________(twenty) of the farm land is used to plant vegetables. 6. China became the second ___________(large) movie market in the world, behind the US. 7. Mount Huang is one of the most famous tourist _____________(attract) in China. 8. ---Have you seen the _____________(India) movie Three Idiots? ---Yes. It’s really wonderful. 五、动词填空。(8 分) 1. I don’t know what we should pay attention to ______________(reduce) the pollution. 2. They _________ a series of pre-recorded tapes to the language laboratory in the past 2 days. (send) 3. Remember that teaching others _____________ (teach)yourself. 4. ---Why not look at page 20 of your English book? ---Ah, here the key is! I wonder why I ____________ (not think) of this. 5. The police weren ’t sure how much money ____________ (steal) from the shop last night. 6. — I’m afraid that I might miss your party because of my poor memory. — Don’t worry. Yo u ___________ (remind) of the time one day earlier. 7. The teacher advised ______________ (divide) the activity into three parts. 8. Shannon_________________ (fill) in a questionnaire when the pen ran out of ink. 六、完成句子。(9 分) 1、这个湖占了这个区域的四分之三。 This lake _______________________________________the area. 2、这家饭店给旅客提供了高水准的服务。 This hotel __________________________________ the visitor. 3、据报道,到 2016 年,印度的人口将超过中国。 It’s reported that ________________________________that of China by 2016. 4、我认为污染没有我所想象的严重。 I don’t think the pollution ____________________________________. 5、我们明天动身前往韩国,将在那儿逗留三天。 We __________________ South Korea tomorrow. We will stay three for three days. 6、中国是他们参观过的第一个亚洲国家。 China is _________________________________________. 七、任务型阅读。(5 分) An American named Crum invented potato chips in 1853, although that was not his intention(意图). He was a chef(厨师长) at a beautiful restaurant in Saratoga Springs, New York.

A regular dish on the menu was fried(油炸的) potatoes, which was an idea that had started in France. At that time, French fried potatoes were cut into thick slices(片). One day, a dinner guest at the restaurant sent back his fried potatoes to the chef because he did not like them so thick. So Mr Crum cut the potatoes a little thinner and fried them. The guest did not like those either. That made Mr Crum angry, so he thought he would just show the man. He sliced the potatoes paper-thin and fried them, thinking that the man would say nothing about it. However, to his surprise, the man loved the thin potatoes very much. Other guests tried them and liked them. So Mr Crum’s potato chips were added to the menu. They were called Saratoga Chips. Finally, Mr Crum opened his own restaurant to sell his famous chips. Now potato chips are packaged(包装) and sold in stores. 1. Crum is the ______________ of potato chips. 2. A dinner guest ______________ his fried potatoes to the chef because he disliked the potato slices so thick. 3. Potatoes were cut into _____________ slices and then fried. 4. He was ___________ to discover the guest loved them very much. 5. This article tells us something about the _____________ of Saratoga Chips. 八、书面表达。(10 分) 新加坡位于东南亚。新加坡风光绮丽,终年常绿。人口多居住在城市,因此被称为城 市国家。新加坡人说马来语(Melayu),英语和华语,在那里旅游和当地人交流并不是特 别困难。新加坡食物融合了马来族的(Malay)和华人的烹饪特色,当你去新加坡旅游时 一定要尝尝。 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

参考答案: 一、 1-5 DCBBC 6-10 BACCA 11-15DDDBB 16-20CADCB 二、 1-5BDACD 6-10BBBAC 三、 1-5ABDAC 四、 1. service 2. levels 3. technology 4. hung 5. twentieths 6. largest 7. attractions 8. Indian 五、 1. to reduce 2. have sent 3. teaches 4. didn’t think 5. was stolen 6. will be reminded 7. dividing 8. was filling 六、 1. takes up three quarters of 2. provides a high level of 3. the population of India will be larger than 4. is as/so serious as I imagined 5. are leaving/will leave for 6. the first Asian country (that/which) they have visited 七、 1. inventor/father 2. returned 3. thin/paper –thin 4. surprised 5. beginning


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